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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bcos_i_got_high, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. orite lads,

    this is goner sound stupid but aparntly i have 13 points lol what are these points.. ?
  2. Rep points, when someone gives you positive rep it goes up. Then the points add up to make the green bars under you're name. Cheack them again they should of gone up ;)

  3. wheeey i got 23 now haha cheers mels yur a star mate, helped me a lot u av since i joined with u guys.. thanku
  4. yeh mels a cool helpfull guy:)

    & as your a fellow brit,although the wrong side of the border;) but we all have our problems:D

    look again mate your points are a rising:)

    take it easy:smoking:
  5. im 100% sure if i posted asking this, i would get no rep lol.
  6. haha does more points mean like more skilled you are at growing ?
  7. well you'd be wrong cork +rep cause im in a good mood buddy:)
    & i dont care what folk think as cork is a helpfull member who needs more fuckin points,lol:D

    take it easy buddy:smoking:
  8. Mels just a go to guy = )
  9. ok we get it every1s great lol..

    i got a question for you guys..

    what if you gew a plant from start to finish

    with c.f.l's..

    and both types blue and red if that makes sence.. ?

    would it flower straight away ?
  10. The budding process start when you switch its light schedule 2 12/12
  11. repped back, just picked up an 8th of cheese, it smells so strong, im rather quite high!:smoking:

  12. Not necessarily, LOL.

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