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Pointless to take a t-break longer than a month?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by braaap, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I mean, for the most part, all of the THC is out of you in a month, so it seems kind of pointless to go longer than a month, right?

    Any insight would be helpfull. :D
  2. the amount of thc in you and how long it stay depends on how long you been smoking regularly for like someone hasent smoked in three months takes 3 puffs, in less then two week prob would be clean, but a month is a good amount of time for a break
  3. Upstate, NY represent. :wave:

    Anyways, I've been going through 1/4's every couple days for a while now, hopefully a month t-break will put me at an almost new smoker. :D
  4. yea youll get fucked up after a month and word upsate were its at, you ever notice anyone from not new york thinks the whole place is nyc?? what kinda bud you been getting up here?
  5. Hahaa, I know what you're sayin..

    I'm about 20 minutes from Albany, right outside of Troy.

    Well, there's no shortage of mids, but usually it's some pretty legit beasters, decent headies pretty often and some dank floating around.
  6. i think a t-break longer than a week or two is pointless
  7. what if you smoked the equivilent of a 10 sac everyday for more than 10 months?

    how long would it take to get that fresh high?
  8. im in albany :) and for 20 i can get dank

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