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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Fresh Error, May 26, 2010.

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  1. bump for answers :)
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    It amazes me when mods delete threads for being "unproductive."

    Are you kidding me?
    Is any of this shit necessarily remotely productive?
    How do you define or compare productive when dealing with any threads on the internet?

  3. This form is based on the most productive activity in existence. Smoking the herb!
  4. lol - this pretty much sums up how i feel.
    it's not like this forum is working toward some goal that the composite whole of its threads conjoins to conceive.
  5. Yeah a lot of stuff on here can pass as pointless but it stays up. Idk :confused_2:
  6. Do you guys know how hard it is to have this large of a mod team on this large of a forum and try to have every mod be on the "same page" at all times? :p

    We try to be as consistent as possible but at the end of the day we all have to rely on our own judgment, and since we aren't all carbon copies of each other, those judgments can differ. Not to mention the fact that since we can't be everywhere at once, inevitably a lot of things will slip through the cracks.

    In regards to the thread you're asking about, my guess would be that the "Post a picture of your mood" thread may have developed into an "up your post count" kind of thread with people posting 10 different pics of their various moods every day.
    Where as the "post your desktop" thread isn't likely to have the same problem, since most people don't change their desktop image multiple times per day.

    That's just my guess, I didn't see the post your mood thread. :poke:
  7. ^thanks for the response. just another question stemming off of your answers ...
    um.. what's the benefit of upping your post count? lol. i know that it's never crossed my mind to get as many posts as i can..
  8. There's also the fact that we rely a lot on reported posts and people report threads for being pointless. So, when we see the report, we act on it if in agreement with it being reported.

    To put things in perspective...we're averaging about 900 new threads every day, 12,000 new posts every day and 500 new registrations every day. So, we obviously don't see every last thing posted...which again is why we rely on members helping the City by reporting things.

    There's no point in posting threads that are obviously pointless...it's pointless to do so.;)
  9. ^i respectfully disagree. pointless entertainment is still entertainment.;)

  10. I'm with skies on this one, if the person saw how many posts and views the mood thread had why would you delete it if so many people enjoyed it?
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    It helps you get closer to being able to give rep that counts if you're not at that point in your membership. For some, there's the glory thing. Some people think that you're more respected if you have a ton of posts. I see it done at other sites to...people just posting to increase their post count. There was one pointless thread here with maybe 3 word comments in every post, at the most, and a member who had about 3500 posts had over 3000 of them in that one thread. For that member, that was pointless posting that wasn't adding anything to the community.

    ***For the record though, since it's coming up so often in this thread, the mood thread is a thread in line to be reviewed for true pointlessness. I've already explained that to one member who PM'd me about it several days ago.
  12. i guess i misunderstood. i thought the community was for US. i guess we're for the community lol.

    what i mean is .. that poster's 3000 posts may not have benefited the community (although they probably didnt hurt it), but i'm sure the poster enjoyed makin em.
  13. No, the community is for everyone (who follow the rules)...not just some. However, we're not going to let pointless threads over run the forum. We haven't for the 10+ years that this community has been here. Now, with our membership over 260,000, we really have to watch that stuff.

    But yeah...you're correct, the forums were made, managed and paid for by the owner for stoners to chill at for no charge...which is what you're doing. You have the privilege to enjoy this community but it's not a free for all here. There are standards and we try to maintain those. Forums saturated with pointless threads don't meet what's wanted for this community. Members wouldn't report them if they didn't feel the same.

    As far as the poster enjoying making the posts, that's not a great argument. I see people breaking the rules repeatedly because they enjoy it. So, we're supposed to allow all of that too simply because the poster enjoyed it? Trolls enjoy trolling...doesn't mean they need to be here.

    We could argue this all day but I don't see the point. :)
  14. ..can i report this thread for being pointless?? :confused:

  15. Winner:smoking:
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