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Pointless threads.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by THC101, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. I have noticed alot... that people will post new threads, when they can simply add on to another thread relating to their subject.. or people make the " OMG IM SO FUCKED UP" threads, like 3 times in a night.....

    wat im saying is, alot of people are posting...for no particular reason..

    i could be alone here, but its gotten on my nerves latley and im curious, wat do you think? Mods? Blades? Bladettes?

    Post comments
  2. i would tend to agree. as evident, i just made a thread titled "duh duh, duh du dun" in recreational marijuana. although i would not say i post 3 times a night saying how fucked up i am, i would put it somewhere in the once every few weeks range.

    now i can see how this can be a problem if multiplied by the vast number of users on the grass city forums, creating all out chaos by the vastness of threads repeating or being fucked up.

    so i will tone down my pointless threads in order to ease the nerves of some gc members, and to perhaps put a penny back in the pocket of the gc owners for saved gigabyte transfer of data. (dati?)
  3. Agreed, ive probably started a stupid thread or two but none like that or like the ones "what do you think of my roll"

    look here motherfucker, ive been smokin for 10-11 years and here comes some punk that just started last year wants ppl to tell him how his joint looks. Go jack off you young punk, beat it. Its nothin new, show it to your buddies down the block and let them smoke up all your weed, in a few years you'll realize, how many buddies you really had.

    Does that qualify as name calling?
  4. Ya i think im sexually frusterated on top of jonesn hard, if minister farakkan was here right now id spit in his face, along with GWB and wayne newton.
    Alittle sleepy but i cant lay down.
    My cable is still off, bill is paid and i see the pictures in the background and comcast logos everywhere, i think this lame fuck next door is in the attic tearin chit up tryin to steal my line, i'll be at his door by the time the sun comes up spittin in his face also.

  5. smoke a bowl
  6. Lovestoblaze i you rubbing in the fact that i have no herb or.....

    3:20am and im on a role, time for a pot of coffee i think
    i need a cigarette
  7. I guess its fine to do them on a well spaced occasion.

    I think the biggest issue is alot of the newer users are younger than they are supposed 16 and stuff, causing ruckus.

    I know the mods know what im talking that poppers thread...its just childish, and i know this is turning good and respected members away from grasscity. It just gets really old, real quick...

    feel free to post comments.

  8. I agree.

    Is there anything that can be done about it? I'm not sure.

  9. i dont think thats it all people who are underage hare, i know a few people who are underage just by something they said... but if their trying to act mature and keeping the bs posts to a minimum i dont really mind... everyone is capable of posting good threads and comments..

  10. Technically, it does not qualify as name-calling since you weren't talking to a specific person. Had you addressed your post towards someone in particular, then that would have qualified. :D

    You'd be surprised at how many pointless threads die before you guys see them. If you all want to see a decrease in the bullshit threads then we'll start killing more of them. I don't want to kill them all though.

    Maybe all pointless threads should have a poll attached where everyone can vote on whether or not we should kill it. Sounds fair. If you post a pointless thread, add a poll to it asking if it should die or not. :p
  11. yeah the past few months I've noticed a great increase in the amount of threads... i remember back in the day when there was a lot less bs :p
  12. Ok, let me say that I have been here for less than a year, but I dont start dumbass threads to take up space I have noticed that too, alot of people asking stupid question like "will weed give you constipation" and shit like that, and alot of people making threads to say "Hi I am high" or they ask the same questions over and over again when they can just use the search button, but I am not a vet so what the fuck do I know
  13. We do get the odd person or two that are a bit stoned

    We get tha balance close most of the time and ya can always delete your own silly posts in the morning like l do ,lol.:D
  14. I wasnt pointing any fingers

    I feel that there are the under age people we already know about, and the underage people who saw the other people get burnt, so they keep quiet..

    it doesnt matter, when everyone signed up to this site, they agreed that they were 18 or older.. so we will assume they are over 18.

    wat gets me is when im trying to help someone out or im thinking the post is some what turns out its some guy bragging about how great his shwag is..

    the purpose of this thread is to educate those who DO make posts like that, so they dont do it anymore or as often

    oh yes, :)..happy faces..

  15. lmao!!!! I agree!! like who else hasnt done this before!! lol...
  16. I'm guilty as charged...

    I guess I may need to delete 9000 of my post...

    It's pointless to keep telling people not to break the rules..

    It's pointless to show people whats right and wrong...

    Wait a minute....

    This thread is pointless..

  17. ur gonna make me cry...


    you catch wat im saying though right?
  18. We get what you're saying. :)

  19. exactly, know your limits ;)
  20. I think we need to decide to that people can opnly make 5 threads or replies a day.. This way the mods will be able to check every thread and reply that gets posted.

    We would be able to delete more useless post and replies!

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