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  1. ok im pretty pissed and i dnt know any puncuation so dnt reply to how shit my writing is please !! First of all i started from just seeds from weed i smoked and i got a 600 watt HPS i have had them on auto watering at the start but turned it off and began watering once a day by hand i have used nutrifield nutes for vege and flowering along with vitamins i have a 50 liter resovir that takes the run off and i have them growing in 50/50 pelite coco the room has a exhaust fan (just a bathroom exhaust) and 2 stand fans the room temp is at about 20 C lights off 28 with lights on the humidity has been under 30 pecent since they started and my reader only goes to 30 so i dnt know what its at they are in a bedroom the only intake is under the door but it comes thru pretty quick its my first grow so im still learning thanks HEAPS to GC ive dne ok and learnt alot i have a couple of questions tho if anyone knows i was wondering if the reason the plants are growing like they are coz of the light and to much getting out ?? i am planning on incloseing it in mylar for the next lot i also was wondering if i missed out on any main ingredients in the resovir i hear of mega bud and all sorts of stuff but wats really needed and does the best ?? i am planning on changeing nutes to canna is this good or is there better ?? i was also thinking of getting metal hilide for vege stage for the next lot is it better or would HPS be ok im broke as shit ?? i put in a pic of me 2 remaing plants one is looking good but all one side towards the light the other is looking shit filled with leaf and very little bud but it smells good :) the tallest one in the pic stands about 5 foot at least im running into height probs with light being to close to plant the light cant go any higher any pointers tips or advice would be fkn unreal thanks heaps

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  2. try tieing down the tall plant till its even w/ the tops of the others. just take a string & tie it near the top & slowly pull it down horizontal, being careful not to snap the branch, you might need to do this over a couple days. this will also alow u to lower the light to get more light the the shorter ones. this is called LST (low stress training) usually started when young, but you should to get away w/ some tieing down.
  3. Wow how long did you veg for?
    That one on the right looks fucking fantastic! rep+
    I'm growing under the same wattage as well.
  4. Im leaning towards you repotting into bigger pots/containers.
    theres alot of spacing between nodes, which points more towards heat stress or being potbound.
    check out my tower, tip is at 4ft, 2 weeks into bud, peace.:cool:

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