point of trolling?

Discussion in 'General' started by Smoke Papers, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. so i've come to realize that "trolling" is a pretty popular thing on forums, including GC. i just don't understand the concept. what's the point? why do people waste their time making fake (sometimes ridiculously/obviously fake) posts? to me it seems like a complete waste of time to write out a lie and post it on a forum for complete strangers to read... lol get a life!

    it doesn't bother me or anything, i could really care less about trolls, i'm just curious as to why they waste their time.

    who's with me? :cool:
  2. Obvious troll is obvious
  3. A troll is a person who posts things for the sole intention of disrupting a forum
  4. They do it cause they think it's funny, and if you don't think it's funny then you're being trolled :rolleyes:

  5. man i know its terrible, but thats funny.
  6. its kinda like watching people hurt themselves.

    its funny and no one knows why.

  7. Some people just want attention and they don't care if it's good or bad. Think of that kid back when you were in school who would just cause problems in the middle of the class for really no other reason than to get people to pay attention to him. Same deal.
  8. Too soon.
  9. It's never too soon for a Casey Anthony Trololol.

    Casey anthony.jpg
  10. This thread has trolling potential.
  11. im just posting so i can get a like from CAPSLOCKBANDIT
  12. Q-Why does the sun rise every morning?
    A-It just does
  13. when you tell a real story, you are not sure of the answers you are gona get. when you tell a fake troll story, you know what people are gonna say and thats the point. its like sitting in a boat all day with your line in the water v.s dynamite fishing
  14. cause its funny watching people get angry and offended.
  15. Its only funny if the person gets mad, otherwise its just lame.

    But the cool story bro's are just fucking dumb.
  16. glorious message, prophet

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