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Point of no return?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Only Organic, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. image.jpeg I had a slight problem regarding the use of the spray bottle which has been corrected, but the aftermath has burnt 3 of my plants one is stunted I'm pretty sure and has no chance of recovery, I don't think so atleast because the 2nd set of true leaves fell off right when the started developing, one of them is doing good with 2 small burn marks but it is still developing well so I'm not so concerned, this last one though, I'm not so sure I'm gonna post a picture maybe one of you can let me know the odds of survival, I think It may just have enough green to continue photosynthesis until the next leaves develope, hopefully
  2. Dunno man looks quite zapped. Hope you have more beans? Noticed your cups are transparent. Roots grow best in darkness.

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  3. Nope this will be it for this season it is a little unfortunate, but It's also completely my fault haha, live and learn though I will not be making the same mistake twice, I guess it didn't resonate enough when people say don't over-care for your plants. I'm about to put the strongest one in one of the 5 gallon fabric pots I've got and hold off on the other one until I can determine whether she'll make it or not
  4. image.jpeg This is the strong one
  5. you can still save these plants

    potup them up to a larger solo cup with fresh soil and 70% sand or perlite

    water just once, let them go 18/6

    no nutes ever

    until at least 2 weeks after potting up to their own

    3 usg pot like in about 1 months time

    good luck
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  6. thank you I shall see how this goes

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