Point me towards UVB support please

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  1. PLEASE!

    I really would love it if somebody would assist me with this question

    ill be doing an 8 plant scrog with a 400 watt hps the whole run

    i would like to add UVB to my next grow

    what light should i get to get the most coverage of those plants?

    how do i hang it?

    ive read alot about quick maturing trichomes, please fill me in on that!

    ^ i cant understand why its happening ive tried researching, and im really just high and want an answer from my favorite community :smoking:

    can i be helped please :]
  2. There are a number of ways to add UVB lighting, but to best cover your plants you should get a 10K MH light from Sunpulse. I don't know if they make one in 400W, but if they do, just switch your light out for the last few weeks of flowering. I did it on my last grow with 1000W lights and had great results. Super frosty, very tall trichomes.
  3. except for the fact that hid lighting provides almost no uvb rays and very little uva rays

    not what im looking for exactly, im looking for the most comprehensive way to add something like a reptile light to the equation

    ill be runnin four plants under scrog so two lights seems like enough?
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    damn, i was really looking forward to responses on this.... :[

    i was thinking about buying the ReptiSun® Compact Fluorescent

    bulbs and having a couple of them,

    can i at least get some insight here?

    good or bad idea?get the 5.0 or the 10.0?

    come onn i know your lookin ;) :cool: :smoking:

    ReptiSun® 5.0

    ReptiSun 10.0
  5. get the 10. but check to see if it has a true spectrum. since there is not any regulation and uvb is new to the market some manufacturers are just repackaging regular cfl bulbs and calling them uvb. So I have heard anyway. there are a number of websites out there with information. Let me google that for you. I found a 14 here in germany and it kicks ass. you just need to do a little research.
  6. ive been trying to research and nobody really specifies a bulb or how to use it

    like how far away does the light need to hang so that it doesnt speed my trichs maturityy up

    and whatever else is goin wrong with people
  7. Ok, I’ll jump in. Check out this response by Amoril. Nicely and succinctly stated.

    That stated there is still a lot to be discovered about UV (A, B, C) light wavelengths effect on plants. One thing everyone should think about if using UV light in the grow room is the potential harmful effect on the eyes. Reptiles may not need to wear sunglasses but humans do if exposed to UV light for periods of time of 1 min or longer. Scientific fact. Be careful with UV light! Best to read up on the 3 different wave lengths of UV and then match it up to your reptile lights.

    Instead of UV light enhancement instead why not ensure you maximize your grow environment and concentrate specifically on basic plant needs. Just a suggestion.

    UV light pounds the terra firma every day so one could argue that. I just think it's more of a human health question than it is a plant beneficial question. And I think one can get more bang for the buck by concentrating on ensuring grow room environments are maximized before enhancement of any other single thing.
  8. i've always used those reptisun UVB 10.0 CFL bulbs. Usually 2 of them for a 4x4 area.
    Ebay usually has them cheaper (around $25-$30) than pet shops ($50+)

    i stopped using them for a while now, because i could never tell any difference in the buds.

  9. You don't need them because the plants ooze trichomes in your presents. Plant splooge. :p
  10. Alright cool you two made me feel better about maybe forgetting about them

    im mainly drawn in on the fact that thcv is effected directly by ultraviolet rays and cannabis uses thcv as an improvement to smell and enhances thc-9 or something like that, ill have to go find the article later but

    it just makes sense to have uv support, i am aware of the health hazards as well [cancer and vision loss, etc.]

    im probably gonna say fuck that though, thanks for the input +repp to both of you

    :hello: itss a good day, when im not spending extra money :] :smoking:
  11. and lmao i read through that whole thread yesterday and forgot most of it :devious:

    damnit ill have to do that again too

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