point me to a ice pinch! new slider!

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  1. Looking for a ice pinch. Nothing worked, worked slides annoy me. I don't know why. Just raw basics, not looking for anything expensive. Somewhere on the lines of the b wilsonB. Wilson - Clear Disc Screen Slide - 14 mm

    Any information, links, suggestions is really appreciated!
  2. Toro and SGW both make slides like what you're asking for to go with prodo pieces, as well as lots of other brands, I'm sure. Try going to your LHS and asking.
  3. I thought about LHS but their prices are jacked ridiculously. On everything, not just slides
  4. get a luke wilson dd slide /thread
  5. dude its one slide, how much can it really be putting you out
  6. Idk I can make you one..
  7. I'm a person who doesn't like getting ripped off. I don't know about you.

    Thanks to everyone else!
  8. and stop calling it a "slider"....its a slide, unless of course you want to keep sounding like a 12 year old
  9. This was under $20 at my LHS


    I had a DDS but it was harder to clean so I sold it.
  10. i got my ice pinch for $25 at my lhs..
    and are you against the ben wilson DD slide you posted?
  11. Guys not every headshop is the same, I go to my LHS and ask for for an icepinch slide/disc diffused slide and they ask me if im talking about bongs :mad:

    But really that Ben wilson slide is THE best for the money, although Royal makes some sick worked ice pinches

  12. who are you talking to? in reference to the first part of your post

    in reference to the second, he doesnt like worked stuff.
  13. i have a shop near me that doesnt understand what a ice pinch hitter is or a showerhead downstem any new tech they dont comprehend, they are still selling illy's like there super advanced tubes
  14. No, I took someones advice to check out my LHS. I knew I probably wasn't going to find anything, I used to go in and get my slides for my acyrlic bong (That's the best device they carry also, a 12 foot acyrlic bong) and asked if he had any ice pinches or disc screen slide and didnt know what I was talking about, then I asked what mm the slide was and he did not know but he knew it fit into a stem near it so A+ to him

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