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Point in breaking up bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eastviewtoker22, May 18, 2010.

  1. besides making it easier to light whats the point in breaking up bud?
    this may sound kinda like a stupid question but im stoned :smoking:
  2. Well the reason you cant just put a bud in a blunt and smoke it is because there would be no oxygen getting through to let it burn. Also, stems and seeds need to be removed. If your going to cook it, still gotta break it up to make sure as much surface area as possible is covered so you get all thc. I mean really, not breaking it up is just impractical and a waste.
  3. well ya i know that but i mean if you were just smoking out of a pipe.
  4. well if you just stuck a fat nug in a pipe you'd be wasting a supreme amount of weed
  5. It allows there to be better circulation and easier hits. If you just throw a nug in the bowl its a huge waste of the herb.
  6. just for a smoother more even hit

    i wouldnt do it through a pipe, but for bongs i usually grind
    also so it doesnt get stuck and just snaps cleaner
  7. surface area for burning.
  8. Well, I can kind of see what the OP is getting at, and honestly, with shit like my one-hitter, I usually just stuff a small piece of a nug down in the pipe and hit it that way. It's in there nice and tight, and won't fall out when I put it in my pocket.

    Otherwise, and for just about every other situation, a grinder is the way to go. I never really realized how much of a difference it seems to make for the smoking session, but it really does.
  9. why break up the weed before you put it in the pipe?.........because it burns better!
  10. It's due to the fact that you will allow more oxygen to pass through, and that by breaking it up you are exposing a lot more surface area which means more THC etc getting to you.
  11. you break up bud to let all the little magic elves out...duh

  12. word, I was just talking about why it would be inefficient to put a king kong-sized nug in your bowl and sparking it up. I've put plenty of itty-bitty nugs in my pipe and I think it works just fine

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