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  1. I tried starting a thread but no-one was interested, ill try again.

    Here is the box.
    Im growing in a very cold shed, so i have to have a heater and ducting to try get warm air into the box, the warm air is drawn in by xbox fans running on 12v.

    You can see it in the pic with the blue thing, heater on the right with 2 knobs on top, ducting wapped in black plastic then a wire mesh connected to the box.
    The heater and xbox fans are connected to a temperature controlled plug outlet and kick in when temps getbelow 25oC.
    Exhaust is xbox fans again runnin on 5v. Im waiting to get more fans for circulation.
    LOL, never mind all the wiring.








  2. Nice setup, good ingenuity :)
    Out of curiosity, what lights are you using, and whats the size of your box? :)
  3. Lights are 4-35watt-6500k, 2-23watt-2700k for veg and ill do it the other way round for flowering.
    Only have three of the 35w bulbs at the mo just waitin till payday to get another. Only one 23w just wait till the seedlings a big bigger.
    2ft wide 2ft depth 4ft height.
    I left plenty room for streching in flower.
  4. What strains are you growing again?
    Are you going to scrog? LST?
  5. Okay nice one :) got any plans for smell yet?
    Yeah, as lovemybudz said.. Lst/scrog would be really nice to see in there
  6. Purple Power is the strain.
    Im goin to do some serious lst on it.
    I plan to tie it to the outside of the pot,then around the whole outside working my way in, like a coiled up snake.
    In total height it would be about 1 1/2 meter, all coiled up. Hopefully:rolleyes:
  7. Smell isnt an issue, should have smelled the shed after this yrs outdoor harvest.:D
    Open the back door and WHOOOSH.
  8. Nice lst plan, Maximise the space! :D
    Ahh okay thats alright then, id imagine the cold wouldnt allow the smell to travel further than the shed anyway.. :) haha i bet it smelt goooood :D
    Purple powers good stuff! Did them for my guerilla grow this summer, good yeilders, amazing colour, very crystally! All round strain in my opinion :)
  9. LOL, same here, i purposely hermed a plant and got my own seed stock.
  10. An-deas mo chara!

    Good luck lad!
  11. Go raibh mile maith agat.:wave:

    Ca bhuil se?
  12. Update: Day 11

  13. I've been thinkin! I popped two beans but im using a 13l bucket and i wont fit anything else only the one plant but i could keep the second in the half bottle its in and keep it veggin, when i go 12-12 i'll put the smaller one under one bulb keep it veggin there until i want to flower it, which will be decided if the other one is female or not.

    Sound ok to do?
  14. It's just gonna be tough since you popped both at the same time. The one vegging is gonna be pretty big when you have to remove it from the box when the other starts 12/12. Its gonna need more than one cfl im guessing. And in that time its gonna get even bigger haha. Id suggest popping a bean or two 5 or 6 weeks before harvest then the timing will be much better to stick a freshly vegged plant into the vacated growbox. I myself plan on popping another 4 or 5 about a month before my harvest and having em just sit on my desk under about 6 cfls lamps. But if smell isnt an issue, just stick it in a corner somewhere and let it get huge. I wish I had my own house, I could just have freakin trees growin in my room (legally). Damn apartments and landlords. :smoke:
  15. The two of them are the same size now, but i plan on only transplanting one to thebig pot and leave the other sit under cfls for a couple days. Wont the small pot restrict the size?
  16. Ater 12 days of 20/4 the plants has established some roots so i left the lights on 24, and this morning i noticed a big difference from yesterday.

    I did water last night tho, and the soil was very dery.
    Here it is this morning.
  17. Just transplanted to final home, 13l bucket.
    I know its very early to be transplanting, but the sooner i transplant the sooner i can start lst.

    The smaller one is being left in the small pot, see wat happens it.
    When i switch the bigger one 12-12 and if it turns out male then i'll just transplant the smaller one and try again. If the first one is female then i'll stick the two of them in there, leavin the small one in the small pot.
  18. Nice set up you got there. I just started my own grow for the first time. I'll be popping in from time to time to see how shes doing!

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