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  1. Any poetic blades around the city?

    Let's hear em.

    I've got one to break the ice (not mine though)
    Will post mine here in a bit if I get some replies.

    “Seven wise men with knowledge so fine,
    created a pussy to their design.
    First was a butcher,
    with smart wit,
    using a knife,
    he gave it a slit,
    Second was a carpenter,
    strong and bold,
    with a hammer and chisel,
    he gave it a hole,
    Third was a tailor,
    tall and thin,
    by using red velvet,
    he lined it within,
    Fourth was a hunter,
    short and stout,
    with a piece of fox fur,
    he lined it without,
    Fifth was a fisherman,
    nasty as hell,
    threw in a fish and gave it a smell,
    Sixth was a preacher,
    whose name was McGee,
    he touched it and blessed it,
    and said it could pee,
    Last was a sailor,
    dirty little runt,
    he sucked it and fucked it,
    and called it a cunt.”
  2. Hey all!

    One of mine,

    A story of the cheating heart,
    a play that is doomed from the start.
    Repeat the games, repeat the lies;
    run away, cut all ties.

    In the depths of one's soul
    a place you will find only holes;
    you may be tempted to look again,
    a devil's grin disguised as friend.

  3. Nice !

    Here's one of mine

    What I like is determined by the moment. What I'll do is determined by you.
    What I want to do are only things that I'll wait for, in hopes of being with you.
    I've frowned upon dishonesty, yet I've played the part well.
    Hypocrisy is what we do best, it's the way we mask our hell.
    Although our magnets meet, in a very attractive way, I fear that our love will die, and leave me in dismay.
    There is a word called certainty, but I don't think it's true.
    The moment now will fade, and so will me and you.
    I'll cherish my time by your side, in a fragment of something already gone.
    Time is certainly relative, but my love for you remains, as a fraction of something that barely existed, but something that will never change.
    As my idea of you bends, my love for you transcends, as if irony could define.
  4. Here is a short poem I wrote for a 420 character I created.

    Title: Who is Mz. 420?

    “She travels far to where ever you are.
    The distance doesn’t matter or who you are.
    Big or small, she’ll come when you call.
    420 she ticks, 420 you called.
    The fire ignites, the clouds they crawl.
    Roasting the herb, that God made for all.”

    by CEO of Purple Cloudz Lifestyle (me).
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    1. For my first love
    2. A Rendition for my 2nd love

    Here we are, wasting away.
    At the pinnacle of love, you left me this way.
    I tried to mend it, but you decided to leave.
    After all the things you said you believed.
    When I gave it all to you, it all fell apart.
    Now I’m left grieving, mending my heart.
    There you are, wasting away.
    At the pinnacle of addiction, I left you this way.
    You said you would be fine, so I decided to leave.
    But your reassurance was the last thing I should have believed.
    The first time I gave it to you, it all fell apart.
    Now I’m left in regret, hoping time can mend my heart.
  6. i have a few from like 4 years ago. heres one:

    Tonight I lay here, with great dismay;
    For when I wake, it shall be gray.
    Another day, I must face;
    Here where I feel misplaced.

    The look in your eyes, I must say;
    Is what kept me, from going away.
    Breathless once more I will become;
    When you and I come undone.

    Oh, I wish I could tell;
    How hard my heart fell.
    When you just looked away,
    As if ashamed of what we had to say.

    I wish our eyes would once again meet;
    In a place for us to keep.
    And in that place we would hide;
    Leaving all the lies behind.

    With our new lives we would see;
    What happiness in two might be.
    If only dreams could come true;
    It would always be me and you.

    However; love is non-existant;
    In this place so distant.
    Away from me you are,
    Oh, I wish you weren't so far.

    Reality struck, nothing can be held;
    In this place that just might be hell.
    Nothing to love, nothing to hold;
    In this world so ridiculously cold.
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    Love it. :hello:

    Here's one I wrote earlier today.

    Through the lens of my narrow mind,
    I believed there was no girl of mine
    I strolled through the streets to a monotonous beat
    The shallow boom of a heart so bleak
    Pumping despair throughout my bitter brain
    Stuck in a cycle of "They're all the same.”
    And then she appears, and all that I am melts
    Faced with a girl who actually respects herself
    Who radiates a confidence that compliments her looks
    Not only is she beautiful but her mind has me hooked
    Riddled with intelligence, charisma and good-taste.
    I could go on and on, but alas, I am simply amazed.
  8. Shit guys u are sooooo good, it makes me scared to post mine lol

  9. Do it !

    All poetry is beautiful as it is an artistic reflection of how we feel and perceive the world around us.
    No competition here :)

  10. Thanks! I double checked the date and i actually wrote it on 2010.

    Thats a good one also! Im so glad i found this thread! haha

    Heres another one:

    A lost friend is a shame,
    But I am the one to blame.
    I kept pushing you away,
    With every single word of everyday.

    I wish I had been more smart,
    So I wouldn't have pushed us apart.
    I miss you and want you back,
    But now it's all in the past.

    The moment of truth in every lie,
    Is one I wont hide-
    I love you and always will,
    And I never wished you any ill.

    I wish you the best of the best,
    And I am nothing but the rest.
    Perhaps it was a good decision,
    To take my useless life out of your vision.

    lol post it im sure itll be really good!

  11. And This ^^^
  12. Ok you just completely won me over lol

  13. Hahah, we're waiting :rolleyes:

    I love em, guys.
    Glad we have some poets on GC :)

    Here's another:

    On a pale lit night, the moon looks down
    Towards a man illuminated on a small patch of ground
    He wanders on through a mecca that's his,
    But his worlds devoid of light from within.
    His heart beats fast, but pumps cold blood.
    He's cornered himself so that he doesn't have to run.
    In his patch he feels safe and secure,
    No troubles and no worries, he doesn't require a cure.
    For he protects his purity, or so it seems to him.
    Perhaps he'll always stay there, but if so he'll never win.
    Never overcome the trials down the path,
    His protection from pain starts to make him a bit sad.
    Is he a man? And does he have what it takes?
    To take from this world and give back what he creates?
    This is his judgment hour, awaiting next dawn.
    Will he embrace the light and perhaps move on?
    No one knows, not even him.
    But the moon broke through cloud and out came a whim.
    A whisper off his breath that broke him as he caved in.
    “This worlds so full, yet I am so desolate. Tomorrow I will arise and make the best of it. And if I die in my travels forward, I will bear in mind that I am not a coward and that I used my time. The moon never moves, just like me. And every night it's the same way I see. Nothing changes, it peaks no interest. So why glance up when my lifes not different, if it's the same image without a new imprint.”
    The sun arose and the man set out. He aimed to live more and held his head high without doubt. The sun was bright that morning, and he could barely see. He made it a few steps and then fell to his feet. Grasping his heart while he could not speak. He briefly smiled before he died right there. He had lived through a life time, but had nothing to share.
  14. Why don't you look me in the eyes?
    Is it because of all your lies?
    You're telling me its time to go
    Time does not exist, ur answer is still no
    Is it the moments that you spent with me?
    Is it the inexistent concept of the "we"?
    I often told you, "can't always be ur way"
    But you don't hear me, u don't wanna stay
    Why don't you look me in the eyes?
    All I see is fire, for in our skies
    It burns, it tears you up from the inside
    There's no way out so you prefer to hide
    You're weak pathetic and afraid
    My hope for you begins to fade
    I'm not religious but for u I would pray
    But u got nothing left to say
    Why don't you look me in the eyes?
    Now I'll begin to feel my highs
    And that's a price I have to pay
    All I see is your shadow, your shadow walk away

    Sorry it took a really long time typing this shit out

  15. :hello::hello::hello:

    Poetry is amazing at how well it projects the emotions we feel.
  16. Standing here, looking at this city
    Watching the movement of the lights
    I want to be free of all this pity
    I came here, to take my own life
    Looking down, makes my legs weak
    The height will make sure I won't survive
    However, I'm not scared
    I'm just really, really tired
    I can almost taste the freedom
    I can break away from pain
    I've got no one left to blame
    I'll take one step and it will never be the same

    Yes it is a suicidal poem lol but hey I wrote it when I was in high school so no surprise lol
  17. It can say much more. In like this perfect way. =]
  18. I liked it a lot!

  19. Lol, as far as I'm concerned, everything in High School is excusable xD
    I first started writing my Junior Year, so about four years now for me.

    And Thnx :)
  20. This ones kinda cheesy, hahah.
    But my GF liked it.

    You and I are in a space I call my home
    Without your positive charge I couldn't make it on my own
    You see our love is like an atom to me
    Often stable, mostly complex but always creating energy
    We're following a blueprint that up until now has always kept us moving along
    But I'm worried that if I break down you'll seek out new & attractive bonds
    But you’re the only ion that I've ever kept my eye on
    & if we stay in motion our love can continue to grow so strong
    but lately I've come to see that your usually better than me
    Although at first it was you who fell deep into my electron affinity
    Thus far we've overcome this major transformation
    & we've even managed to laugh throughout this proverbial ionization
    & baby it is such a sensation to watch our love in animation
    For awhile I thought we lost an electron but to my surprise it was only on vacation
    So now we're safe & sound within this heart shaped bubble
    We've picked up our broken pieces & salvaged our love out of the rubble
    So now I won't be afraid if an electron of ours leaves & never comes back
    Because we'll always find a new one, because opposites always attract.

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