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  1. The poisen is with me
    it lurks in the depths of my soul
    the jeoulsy, hate and scould
    the wishes, the dreams, demolished by gold

    They beauty so innocent,
    The freshness so sweet.

    the poisen is with me
    it lurks in the depths of my soul
    no other way to describe these feeling i hold.
  2. i hate holding on
    but i cant let go
    youve got a grasp on my heart and soul
    giving up seems so worthless, pursuing on so hebetate

    Your always on my mind.
    uncomparable to anything to which one could ever lay upon their eyes

    And yet, the gun seems so close, the bullet so tempting
    the phone i know is closer, buts its farther from you.

    Which is why i know there are two things i must do.
    One is in my hand, and the other is say i love you.
  3. does no one here my blatant crys
    im still living but just by a thread
    Speaking of how life is filled with lies.
    They wont have to worry when im emotionless and dead

    Im sure they'll weep, Im sure they'll mourn
    But by sunrise the next morning, they will put on their clothes
    and head off to work and school and play. And just tell there loved ones "Oh What a sad dAy"
  4. My dream that once caught the wind and took flight
    now lay in my bowl to burn all night

    As i flick the flame and toast the game
    I sit wondering the truth behind it all

    The shattered goals, the broken dreams.

    Thrown in a blender and come out green.

    rolled with faiure, sparked with desire

    inhaled by curiosity

    exhale and inspired.

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