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  1. Paradise

    Falling through an open hole
    All I see is black as I feel the wind rushing by my head
    Im torn in this life between fear and courage
    Holding onto my dreams to lose myself in another fantasy
    Going insane from the second i wake until i lose myself in another cloudy dream
    Im falling into a dark hole
    One where i am ment to be alone
    I struggle to breath
    I find myself lost to my own happiness
    Paradise is really hell with a good decorator

    Lonely Nights

    I am broken
    I am torn
    I am beaten
    Take this pain away
    I am finding it hard to get through all these lonely nights without you
    You were supposed to be there for my final days when i would become a man
    Others must of thought it was time for you to go
    I hated what was seldom seen
    Very little did i care about my own life
    Killing my body with the poison that i always keep in a closet in my mind
    I dont know how to live in these lonely nights
    I would do anything to see you one more night...

    Its just one of those nights
  2. I like these, the first better than the last. Especially the last line of the first one.

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