poems anyone?

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  1. hope this thread isn't immature.. anyone have any poems they want to share?? :)
  2. Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    Please don't come near me,
    'cuz I have the swine flu.
  3. Willie looking in the gun,
    Pulls the trigger just for fun.
    Mother says in tones so pained,
    "Willie is so scatter-brained!"

    Willie, in a rage insane
    Threw his head beneath a train
    All were quite surprised to find
    How it broadened Willie's mind.

    Willie saw some dynamite,
    Couldn't understand it quite;
    Curiosity never pays.
    It rained Willie seven days.

    Willie, walking down the track
    Couldn't hear the engine squeal.
    Now the engine's coming back
    Scraping Willie off the wheel.

    Willie fell down the elevator,
    Wasn't found 'till six days later.
    Then the neighbors sniffed, "Gee whiz!
    What a spoiled child Willie is!"

    Willie' walking through the rain
    Spied a pit bull on a chain.
    Reached out to pet it,
    Quiet as a mouse.
    Funeral tomorrow
    At Willie's house.
  4. She got me sittin' at a bar on the inside
    Waitin' for my ride on the outside
    She stole my heart in the trailer park
    So I jacked the keys to her fuckin' car
    And crashed that piece of shit and then stepped away.

  5. The corridors of an art gallery
    Walked from hall to hall
    People admiring the pictures
    Mounted from wall to wall

    Some paintings I know from journeys before
    Some new as a morning's sunrise
    But in the place where an artwork once hung
    Only empty wall meets my eyes

    The attention I paid this painting was little more than never
    But now I grieve for I know that a masterpiece is gone forever
    It's picture not always stimulating, a great story it did not tell
    I ask the fellow next to me, "Did you know this painting well?"

    "It wasn't for me". was his reply,"It's meaning never too real."
    "But all in all I'm sorry it's gone, just think how the artist must feel"

    I know that only those who have the power to look within
    To reach in deep and find to cherish what lies beneath the skin
    Those who find something wondrous, in all men great and small
    Will ever truly miss or grieve a painting gone from the wall


    Wrote that many years ago

  6. I'll watch you tumble down
    While I stand here and hold my ground
    I'm hopeless but I'll spread my love around
    Just to help you get back in town
    You can help me drown my soul down
    What good would that do
    When I'm standing here defending my mound
    From the whore that wears a crown
    Making drunk sex sounds
    Just to have fun and run around
    Shes too plain now.

    Wrote that after a night with a drunken friend who I had sex with, after I helped her with everything she became a boring person to me.
  7. holding on to the pain
    all alone in the rain
    his voice still lingers near
    causing you tears
    he brings you fear my dear
    when he tells you hes sorry
    you take him back one last time
    yet it feels like such a crime
    hes hurt you so this you know
    try to let it go
    yet you cant say no
    maybe one day he will see
    how he caused you agony
    just forget the past
    its not meant to last
    here u stand helpless
    he dosent see your the best
    let him go
    and say hello
    to a new life
  8. roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    turn over im gonna stick my weiner where your poo comes from.
    ...10sec later..

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