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  1. I'll post my poetry and lyrics in here...I'll start with something I just wrote

    Chaotic insanity, ever-flowing
    Always defining, never knowing
    Constantly feeling, but never showing
    Polite mannerisms, elaborate charades
    Celebrating the system, degrading parades
    So much light, but we cover with shades
    So little wisdom, but such good grades
    Listen to master, work with a smile
    He owns the world, you can borrow a mile
    They live lavishly, and allow you to survive
    We're like an engine, and they get to drive
    You've got to do it right, kids, stay in the lines
    We are something like silent mimes
    Always expressing, but rarely heard
    My song is annoyance in the background
    Something like a bird
    Come down, kid, back to the ground
    You're talking nonsense, hear my words
    Everything you see, it is my creation
    You have more than enough, we don't need inflation
    You live in America, there's so much money
    Say it's a rainy day? Well somewhere it's sunny
    Can't pay the bills? Well I think it's funny
    You pay for illicit pleasures, you deserve what you get
    We live in this nation, but you I've never met
    Can't give you money, you'll drink it all away
    There's work at a fast food joint, what do you say?
    Work 40 hours a week, and get five to play
    After years of hard work, you'll have a place of your own!
    Look at you now, look how much you've grown!
    You're climbing the ranks, assistant manager now!
    Ten dollars an hour, take a bow!
    You let go of your vision, and I showed you how
    You owe me for what you have, pay your income tax
    Or we'll take it all away, we're at your backs
    Keep working hard, or it'll all slip through the cracks
    Gotta fight to survive, no time to relax
    You're in the system, no one cares about your knacks
    Good job, sonny, you made me rich
    Say you're in debt? Well ain't that a bitch
    You get three meals a day, ain't that enough?
    Be grateful for your life! Now I get the stuff
  2. ^the first 7 lines are my favorite, the rest of it isn't as good, but all in all it's sick. I'm just jealous because I can never write anything that long.
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    They're all cut from the same cloth
    A tired blueprint
    Running around, as if being timed
    Hard to believe there exists such a fast-paced sloth
    Stuck in disbelief, trying to disprove
    You know nothing, so what does that prove?
    Running in circles, emulating the racing rats
    Your leaders are ignorant, so this is what you aspire to
    Nothing to teach, they only hope to acquire you
    You learn nothing, yet you hope they admire you
    All this knowledge only adds to the wall
    Serving as separation from your true call
    The message is deafening, penetrating the mind
    You are nothing, only division is real
    Over-stimulate their puny brains, soon enough they will be blind
    The time for fear is now
    The enemy is real
    Follow us, you fools
    Or you will certainly perish
    They aim to destroy our way of life
    Trample over all that we cherish
    We cannot co-exist
    We must flex our great power
    We're doing it for them
    Their beliefs are simply wrong
    If we're going to get along
    Then we must be in charge
    We must expand our empire
    Only our rule can create peace
    If you want to know how they are
    Just look at their extremists
    Look at our greatness
    We've progressed phenomenally
    If one of us does something wrong
    It's just an anomaly
    You hear this message everywhere
    So you know it's true
    We've got things under control
    We don't need to hear from you
  4. Here's some lyrics...

    I don't know what to do with, my time
    Feelin like the world's just stuck in, rewind
    New ways, to say
    The same problems, each and every day
    It's, faulty communication
    Our words are nothing but a history book
    Noone ever takes the time to really look
    The future's not determined
    We're livin based on the past
    If the best we can do
    Is based on what is done
    Then where is there to go?
    Where is the fun?
    A deterministic world
    Who determines this?
    Free will becomes a silly game
    Who is playing us?
    Breeds, new creation
    The old world is going up in flames
    We need a, revolution
    To help our, evolution
    This world is but a launching pad
    Countdown, is now
    Choose the limitless space or
    You'll drown

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