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  1. Edit: I just noticed that this belongs in "The Artists Corner"

    (Lyrics are a form of poetry, so... that's why I'm postin' this here)

    I wrote this poem online to some shroomers online. It's like a weird journey that I made up on the spot to give them some entertainment. They seemed to like it, I hope you all do too.

    Tip Beside a Trip

    It came to me like a bumblebee
    Sharp and quick and rough as the sea
    Sunlight reflected off of the stinging surface
    But a warm echoed through me like a note from a bass

    I tried to run, but where would I go?
    My hands and arms were shaky, and my motions didn't flow

    Oddly enough I discovered a stone
    A force pulled me in, to meet it I was prone
    It called onto me, "Hey there traveler"
    I responded "I'm just running from something, for i have been stirred"

    "A stone" I thought calmly, "this is sure odd to see"
    "But it seems so content, as happy as can be"
    It was a good fellow, but it broke into two
    I hoped that in another life, it would be renewed

    Hours and hours I tried to run from this sting and it's beauty
    But then I thought, "if I stop, will it stop being so moody?"
    I stopped
    The stinging dropped

    "Where did it go?" I wondered in my bliss
    The bliss that now surrounded me, I heard like a hiss
    "Sssssssso you ssssssay you can ssssssnake your way out of thissss one?" it said
    The sound of the hissing filled me half way with dread

    Fearing for my life
    Wondering what all this strife
    Had been for
    If I hadn't opened the door, would the hissing be as sore?
    Would it be shrieking for more?

    Suddenly new light gave way from old
    I found myself inside, and out of the cold
    Hissing had mellowed to a quick, simple crack
    From the fireplace behind me, warming my back

    I thought "What I need, is a simple read"
    "One on which my imagine can feed"
    I walked up to the bookcase, towering overhead
    One of the books leaped out and said

    "Read me, read me my fellow man"
    "Find knowledge inside me; read all that you can!"
    I held it in front of me, it's title was "End"
    Inside it, I knew my logic would bend

    I opened it up
    Then, from within it, emerged a cup

    It was labeled "Green Tea"
    I wondered, "If I drink this, will I still be able to see?"
    "Will the fruits of knowledge brainwash me?"
    "Will I lose all creativity?"

    I thought to myself, "Oh well, good luck"
    And drank whatever it was in that cup
    It tasted so sweet
    LIke finding that someone you've always wanted to meet

    But then the room looked so different
    From what I first had pictured it
    The full glass of wine
    Became an inverse wind-chime

    The shoes on my feet
    Moved to some unheard beat
    Suddenly sound was all around
    Bouncing off the ground

    I again ran outside my door
    Looking to experience more!

    That stone that I met for a short and brief time
    I found split open, and the inside was fine
    On the inside, I observed the sparkles of silver and gold
    On the outside I only had seen it as worn out and old

    Despite the bitter weather
    I found myself some leather
    And tied it around the stone to form a belt
    It became revived, and said, "Peace, I'm out"

    I saw it roll smoothly as it moved away slowly
    When watching this I found somewhat of a moral to this story
    The stone hadn't told me what I should think
    It only used action to make me think quick like a mink

    And when everything blurred into one single vision
    All I could see of this so called reality were technicolor pigments

  2. with those lines in mind.. sounds more like a heroine trip... unless you can shoot shrooms :confused:
  3. Well, it's not really about shrooms... and I kinda made it up line by line... and amphetemines were fucking with me...

    Just thought someone would get a kick out of it.

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