Poem - This Velvet Revolution

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  1. “Hush; close your eyes m’babe, everything’s all right, everything to be.
    How are you my baby? Look your legs they grow. You smile some more and learn to sob, your tears are all expression. Get on bay bee, let’s go down. Let’s go up. Nice life we’ve had. Go get married down the road to Jenny, James and Sue, that’s always nice. Nice small kids on average little streets.
    Come on bay bee don’t fret now we’re leaving hospital down to home.
    We’ll watch you grow and grow. Don’t risk chance, don’t break down the walls. You stay on the right side of the road my honey. Come on, come on let’s go play. Remember primitive motions, go survive, get through, envy breeds despair, the walls might bleed, forget it causes art.”
    “Come on bay bee we’ve just got home. Mommy’s gonna cook a meal. Playing football down the streets. Corner-shop delights, snacking down and gaining pounds. Learn what to forget. Hey now bay bee don’t dare frown or smile. Me n you die or care? Me n you mediocre. Don’t dare care my bay bee. You gonna be mine, ripe and sweet as sun, gonna meet your godfather. Hey now Mr. Plato your republic as you want it.”

    “Come on bay bee say your words, they your first, just you and I together babe. Say them now not then. Tell me what is the world. Tell me what you see.”

    Hey now mother, little world of me n you. I can see these little lands all nice and sweet. Let’s all go and grow. What’s coming down to me? What’s dear to me? My little time with wife and child you say? Where’s the wolf? I’m only young, what to dreams? Forget to dream? Well ok babe I’ll pay your little wants good heed and go down on my sweet Godfather. Can’t let down such society. Love you mom, ain’t love nice?

    “Come on bay bee such pretty words. Keep your eyes closed. Don’t look around!”
    There ain’t no walls.
    “Don’t break the walls. Don’t stop at once. Me n you die or care? Me n you mediocre. Come babe your nearly old just tell me what you’ve done.”
    Hey now mother you now gone, I can tell you what I’ve done. I can’t. You told me babe forget. I forgot.

    Hey now mother, don’t think that’s what I’m gonna say. I forgot forgetfulness. My god I envy. I want and need. Despair and sadness are my kin and loves down the road, dancing up with doves. I’m loved up in these shacks of sadness and loved up down these smiling roads. Hell m’lady listen now. You n me together, we’ll row and rage and hate and hate. You still nice n me away. Waste my life down on my sweet god and father? Such nicety ain’t my kinda scene.

    Gone from you now, on the road again, this nameless revolution. I can close my eyes. Can I look around? No walls or trees. Every road’s a road to nowhere. Every road got just to be one person, let’s try two. Every person nowhere now, can’t see down the tunnel. Whispering out my dreams, almost down the road.

    Hey now lover, I can touch you, stroke and taste. Let me tease you, walk on your sandy road and play about in mirth. You gonna keep on walking. I can’t seem to walk so straight. Goin left and left, down and up, never on, too many roads about, my baby, I got to see them all.

    Back down brother you say to me, tryin to push me back, tell me that it’ll be nice once we go away. You say c’mon, “on holiday on the road again.” I can scream inside to you and yell around. Don’t toy with me my brother. Dou you believe? Don’t you. You forget. I gonna forget you n you n they Adieu my little families ain’t no place for you away from our little god n father. This ain’t nice it’s beautiful, beauty’s damned amoral. Ain’t no good or bad. Ain’t no nice. There ain’t no nothing just this everything not you. Hey now Mr. Plato or should I call you godfather?

    Hey now mother what you sayin?
    “Hey now son don’t you know all around we’ve made some progress. We call it evolution. We call it wonder; wow let’s marvel at the world my son. What you mean? You asking what the world’s to me nice son? It’s just the world. What you doing askin, didn’t you forget to ask? Ain’t this table just a table? I believe in politics my son. Come on bay bee changes happen. Less is more. What you mean no more utopias? No egalitaria? We got the best we could, me n you die or care? Mediocre son it’s what we gone n got. Who wants more? I’m average it’s my name bay bee. You were said to be so nice. What you say?”

    Hey now mother here’s my say, you welcomed down by pragmatism, hell you its king and queen. Sloven bitches and sloven whores, dancing as feathered doves outside.

    Joke me not and play my chords a thousand times, what’s happened to this music?
    Can you walk these miles to tell your tales? I can do such and such and have one voice. Every road you don’t got words. You know your words, I don’t know mine. Definition, such a folly, going down on my beloved. Down at once on my sweet god this father.

    Ain’t certainty in this certain world, can I dream nor hope? Don’t hide myself behind these filtered gazes. Hey these windows. They got a silver coat. When did we get the coating mam? What where you now? I’m Sorry! I just took a peek. There were no walls to break. I know you said don’t break them. There were no walls to break. You society my mother, where you gone. Why you hiding me? I’m having the times of my life, why are you not here? I’m learning I can be part of you. I’m nice you nice, we’ll have a nice day. We got such deficit we gonna give up trying. Justice? What majorities are saying? Let’s be nice not argue.

    You aren’t there for me babe. I’m not nice so you don’t want me. I’m no Plato I ain’t Socrates. I don’t believe that you n me can care or die. I don’t believe my mediocre.
    I can look out these silver windows! Looking round these coasting classes, everywhere there’s bourgeoises and everywhere a peasant. You ain’t no different. All the same. If the world were wonder would you take a peek? Believe a thing? Come on bay bee feel. Grasp the thoughts. You can’t. You gotta make yourself beat more than beating down on life. So much so your arms in spasm. Come on babe shake it down with me.

    “What’s that bay bee? You want to come on home?”

    Hey now honey, I’m home from work, I’m nice you see. Never did I stray. Got to hide it, keep it gone. I can’t! I got to scream. I don’t got name for what I am, why you gotta name me? I’m not nice or none. Screaming’s in my nature. You left, apathy in form. Hi hello says you to I and listen they in darkness. How are you say I and all you do is smile, grinning broadly telling down this simple thought, “Good morning babe I’m apathy in name and they are too, listen closely little trouble, everywhere a step is hushed, so are I and so are they soon will you.”

    You gone from me bay bee my lovers, mothers down these roads I’m moving left from right getting hit by Oedipus n getting hid from sight. Once out of sight it’s out of mind and once out of mind we need no mind.

    Welcome down to paradise bay bee. Welcome these mediocrities. Plato’s paradise done by numbers. No one reads the numbers. They illuminated. Where we going? We don’t let go. Birds that never flew. Do you want to fly? This break from freedom, down these roads with nameless names.

    My god my honey listen now! You haven’t got time for me. I remember born, you said “hey now bay bee you gonna have such niceness.” Passion sparks and I deny what you got to want. Hey now mother, hey now lover, hey now father, hey now brother, this velvet revolution this named desire, its cause is ours to feel. To break our roads apart, we got boundless destination.
    This velvet revolution, this cause is ours, you got yourselves a name.

    “Hi hello and how are you? I’m apathy in name and they are too, listen closely little trouble, everywhere a step is hushed, so are I and so are they, soon will you. Fuck your little velvet revolutions. We don’t have a care. Hey now bay bee smile, just me n you. We gonna die or care. We all gonna die so why you care?
    Velvet Revolution? Nice name for your little cause. Hey you nice after all my bay bee. Let’s go round the park. Hey bay bee who’s the babe? He’s yours. Pretty little kid. You say no walls around? What of walls when you can’t see?
    We all gonna die so why you care?”
    This velvet revolution it’s nice to have a name.
  2. hey anyone who reads the poem I'd be greateful for any opinions
  3. I don't have much to say other than that was great, i wish i could write poems like that. So where you the one who wrote it? I have more to say but i can't really form it into words.
  4. Thanks a lot, much appreciated. Yeah i was the one who wrote it about 2 months ago as an insult to conformity that exists and sort of irony piece as to be nonconformist you partly at least define yourself by being against it and one cannot be the contra to something without being part of it.
    Hmm now I'm listening to stevie wonder. pretty.
  5. YOU wrote that!? That's amazing probably the best poem I've ever read, I love it and I'm going to write it down and put it in my wall. You should check out some of the strokes lyrics, there alot like that.

    Is this it
    I'll try anything once
    What ever happend.


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