Poem - The Struggle

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  1. The Struggle

    Not easily done, day by day.
    Cursed by hate, why must it stay?

    Simple sorrow, is my pain.
    Hour by hour, still it remains.

    The trials of life, it consumes me.
    Destroying me inside, one day you will see.

    Why my thoughts, were not shared.
    That you bear my pain, seems quite unfair.

    Hated and tortured, inside and out.
    Silent it seems, inside I shout.

    Waiting and hoping, for someone to hear me.
    Wishing and wanting, for some relief for me.

    Though endless it seems, this I must endure.
    That in a tragic world, this will ensure.

    I am filled by hate and lost by sorrow.
    This burden I carry, until tomorrow.

    Then I might hope, to relieve myself.
    To free me from, this living hell.

    Hoping one day, I may see the light.
    Happiness the reason, for this war I fight.

    Personal struggles, these I insist are mine.
    Step by step, I take one day at a time.

    Let me know what you all think. Be honest as I'd rather know the truth.

    Trippie J
  2. You have a good sense of poetic rhythm. Maybe think more carefully on word choices? Good poem though.

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