Poem On Struggle Between Ancient Wisdom and Modern World

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by TheJourney, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. This is something I just wrote. A little while ago, I was writing a lot of poetry and lyrics. I stopped for a while, but just tonight got motivation to write a poem about an issue I have wrestled with for a while. Idk, hopefully it's good, being the first I have written in a while, but if not at least it'll put out there an issue that I think needs to be considered, and hopefully someone gets something out of it. :)

    I ask myself, I wonder
    Where does the balance lie?
    Wisdom that spans the millenia
    What am I to make of evolution?
    Will there come a revolution?
    Exponential progression, a modern marvel
    Will we flourish, or remain larval?
    The future to come, there must be more
    Yet modern man is empty to his core
    Looking to the past, peace of mind
    Thinking of what is to come, my excitement is aroused
    If things pan out, the future holds no bounds
    What can be said of the wise old sage?
    What does he have to offer the new age?
    The ancient truth remains, integration
    We chart a new territory, adaptation

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