Poem: Marijuana Skies

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  1. I arose from bed and shortly lingered
    Placed on shoes and warm clothes
    A spoon was ready with hash and flower
    I can't believe it's just the 6th hour

    Escaping my flat and climbing the stairs
    To step outside is a chilling feat
    I light my pipe and watch the sunrise
    Hoping I have at least one Fun Size

    Horizon is burnt orange and yellow
    The sky is indigo and blue
    I've never felt so at earthly peace
    Perfectly calm I could decease

    Our petty actions became a ponder
    Why we are here and matter
    All thoughts instilled by our great star
    Despite the fact that it's so far

    Now back inside I am bewildered
    What felt like hours was merely minutes
    The bowl was gone and so was I
    As far away as that blue sky
  2. great poem loved it :D
  3. haha sweet:smoking:
    i enjoyed it !
  4. Thanks guys. That was about this morning. :)
  5. Pretty cool. I wish smoking a bowl still made me feel like that.
  6. Haha, there was quite a bit of hash and kief in that bowl. :smoking:
  7. Haha that can make a difference. Have you ever done shrooms? The last 2 verses of your poem remind me a lot of the feelings/thoughts I have on shrooms.
  8. I loooove shrooms. Never written anything on them, simply because I can't focus. But I plan on doing an 1/8th once I get the money. I've tripped on salvia quite a few times and done shrooms about twice but am a big fan of hallucinogens. I've never really had 'visuals' or seen things, but that's what I'm hoping for.
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    Glad to meet a fellow shroomer.
    Tripped many times and I know what you mean about not having the focus, as I am usually in some state of being "mind-fucked".
    I also love salvia and had one of the most intense, vivid experiences of my life during the 5 minutes or so I was tripping.

    Most likely, on shrooms you are not going to experience these "visuals" you were expecting. I was expecting and hoping for probably the same hallucinations and visuals as you the first few times I took shrooms but the closest thing I ever got was when I ate my home-growns(fresh not dried, that might have made the difference) and experienced things breathing and tree branches moving, swirling, and growing yet not getting any bigger if you can make any sense out of that.

    The best thing about shrooms is inexplicable even to someone who has taken them before but I know you understand what I am talking about.

    Its all in your head and you are never the same after taking shrooms. But in a very good way.
    Even if you never do get those visuals you are hoping for I promise that if you let them, shrooms will show you the world in a whole new light that will be 100x more rewarding then the hallucinations you were hoping to see.
  10. I've done shroom 3 times, one was bunk, but the other two were life changing. I came to so many revelations about my life on them. They actually helped me figure out a lot of BS going on in my life. <3 that psilocybin.
  11. Yeah i guess the whole point of my other post was to say keep expecting the life changing-ness but don't get your hopes up too high on the hallucinations part.
    I checked out your grow journal but I don't think you finished it, how did those plants turn out? Been trying to start up something similar myself for some time now.
  12. Looks nice man. Let me know how they work out for you and pm me anytime if you wanna talk about shrooms or anything like that.
  13. Friend requested. :)
  14. Awesome fucking poem bro.

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