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  1. Had to write a poem for one of my classes at adult ed. Many different subjects, But supposed to be personification and shit like that with a inatimate object.

    So one of the choices was evil and i ended up doing that.

    Here's what i came up with.

    Each line means something deep so jus reading it and not really thinking it wont mean much to nothing at all.

    I Am Evil.
    I have no respect,
    I'm quick to neglect,
    Sometimes i kill,

    Just for the thrill.

    Nothing is realer,
    I am the stealer,

    I am the lie,
    The envy in your eye.

    I am known as crack cocaine,
    I ruin lives and reap pain,
    Evil souls sell me in vain,
    Ruin another life in this game.

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  2. Sick dude..lovin it :bongin:
  3. Thanks homie.

    I also got a plus rep or two for this. Thanks too bro's.

    Anymore comments welcome. Im not much of a writer or anything. But sometimes shit jus flows and i go with it. Usually when somethings wrong.
  4. Lookin for more replys.

    Got a few +Reps plus comments for this poem.

    I jus wanna hear what people say.

    I made a buncha lines and changed and took out a buncha them.

    Took me a couple hours to write this and get what i wanted wrote down.
  5. Well, Anybody else?
  6. yea well i think that shit sounds pretty tite, to bad i cant do nothin constructive like that,:smoke: oh well at least i can still smoke

    happy writing
    keep it coming, its trippy
  7. Short but sweet, seems to flow really well man. Keep it up +rep
  8. i agree this really flows well. + rep man. Great poem.
  9. Thanks ya'll.

    I used to write rhymes or poetry alot. Havent in a grip. Except this.

    Makes me want to do it more, Explains how i feel. This poem means so much to me, Each line means something so deep. Because i know what crack does to people, And people i love. My cousin, Who i basically feel is another father of mine, is in prison doing 5-20 in a prison where he'll be lucky to make it 2-3 years and it hasnt been a whole year yet and ive heard stories. He got busted with, Belive it or not, 125 lbs of weed and over a kilo of cocaine.

    Crooked detroit police took the weed and about a ounce or two of coke and charged him with the rest of the coke and only that. But he has a record to. Jackon is where he sent. Worst pen in the state of michigan. Where all the killers and rapists go.

    So that poem is soemthing very, very deep.
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  10. Crazy man, that was cool I like how you made the whole thing into a metaphor, very cool.
  11. Crazy man, that was cool I like how you made the whole thing into a metaphor, very cool.
  12. yeh man + rep for this. sounds like youve stayed strong through alot of shit. stay strong broda! p.s. very nice poem by the way.
    Just Blaze It....

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