Poem I Wrote About Raving

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  1. Bass to mah face
    Stuck to the floor
    Chew me anothuh
    Cuz i want some more

    Rub my hair
    Watch my eyes
    Check the time
    You know it flies

    Dip to the beat
    Feel so smooth
    Body vibrates
    To that bassline groove

    Watch the sun rise
    As i dance all night
    Everything's perfect
    And i feel just right

    Conversation so fun
    It comes so easy
    Shake that ass and them lights
    It sure do please me

    Im not thirsty
    But i need mah watah
    Sweatin my balls off
    As the room gets hotuh

    No one cares
    About nothin stupid
    Only important shit
    Don't regret what you did

    You are who you are
    Don't take nothin back
    If someone doesn't like you
    That shit is whack

    Tell em to go fuck off
    And suck a dick
    I'd rather get my groove on
    Than mess with a trick

    The bass so heavy
    So deep and so clean
    Got that look on yuh face
    Like yuh just so mean

    The world is so perfect
    So beautiful and bright
    Forgiveness and love
    No one wants to fight

    I wish it was like this
    Everything's clear i can hear

    I love you
    And you love me
    Let's dance to this beat
    As we fly so free

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