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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by merry, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. kay guys here i go... i am new here and know you don' know merry but i have not written poetry in like 15 years and that was a poem i was forced to write in school...lol...anyways...this is me first one...and i know is not perfect...lol me friend tole me sounded like dr suess goin suicidal...but believe me i am not no dr. suess nor am i suicidal...

    I Hate Myself\t

    I hate myself,
    But is no big deal,
    I hate myself,
    For what you don' feel,
    I hate myself,
    I can no longer hide,
    I hate myself,
    For what I feel inside,
    I hate myself,
    For trusting you,
    I hate myself,
    For being so blue,
    I hate myself,
    What more can I say,
    I hate myself,
    More and more every day
    And feel I will until one day I am able to say
    Hey asshole I fucking hate you,
    Now stay the hell away
    Only then will I know the hurt is gone
    Only then will I be able to move on
    But until then all I can say
    I hate myself
    I hate this fucking day

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  2. i was once like that. nearly ended my own life over it. but realised a better option... become someone you like.
  3. Alright bro whatever gets you going I guess.
  4. i'm nervous
  5. Same man
  6. Well thats just super.
  7. Looks like they havent done anything in a while maybe they killed themselves....hope not but they didnt sound optimistic
  8. i hope u told them fuck u
  9. okidoki. i used to do shit like that too. and now, ironically, i hate myself for it, ha. but seriously, self loathing comes in various forms and from various reasons, but one thing ive noticed (as well as experienced) is that there are tow most noticable reasons: one is sincere in what is said, or one is looking for attention. and with the former, most people dont let it show. sooooooooooooooooooo...
  10. A bit heavy, but whatever floats your boat

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