Poem About Sweets

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  1. This is a poem from my personal journal. It's basically about how I used to hide that I had an eating disorder until pastries saved my life. I still to this day love sweets, but until I got older, it was mostly a love hate relationship.
    I've eaten all the sweets
    When I was young, and round, and "fat"
    I was told to eat this and not that
    I just wanted to eat, and be a child free from stress
    But I couldn't fit into my church dress..
    I lift the fork to take a bite
    of cake so sweet my one delight
    until she slapped it from my hand with spite
    and through gritted teeth said "Not another bite."
    Nothing's quite like skinny feels
    Yet still I know that sugar heals​
    So pass my lips again and again​
    Different forms of the same meal​
    If cake could talk, it would sing to me​
    It'd be my only fantasy, my savior from reality​
    The physical hypocrisy of hating what is made for me​
    And now that I am free..​
    I've eaten all the special sweets, the treats, delicacies galore​
    And still I have a feeling in my stomach, that I'm wanting more.​


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