Pocket full of Pills!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mtnxc, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Yea get ready to eat your heart out guys. Theres this sketchy chick who if i smoke her up she gives me some tabs or whatever she has at the time. Apparently she thinks my weeds the greatest ever or she wants to fuck me lol. Anyway she got bit by a recluse spider and got a full script of tabs. She just showed up and gave them to me. This day just got really good!
  2. Thats cool.

  3. don't need to be a dick. :rolleyes:.
    But @OP nice hookup! take some pics!
  4. wasnt intending to be, OP it is a nice hook up, just made me laugh that you got her Whipppped haha.
  5. Recluse spider...oh shit those fucks do some NASTY shit.

  6. my bad then. It just sounded like you're being a sarcastic jackass. But nvm mind then. :cool:
  7. the just m367's got hook up though. She gave me 10 and so I smoked her up. Good day!
  8. Nice. Lucky.
  9. oh..... pills.......

  10. I can only assume the Title and Tags mislead you?...

  11. yeah, VERY misleading title. :rolleyes:

    Sounds like a good day OP
  12. Fuck you, do you know how paranoid you just got me that a spider is going to bite me?

  13. Hey now, I was intentionally being a sarcastic jackass and I dont even get a mention. :confused:

    Edit: And I never would have thought this thread would get this far, a miracle really.
  14. [​IMG]
    Fucking scary spider.

    Holy shit did her bite look like this?
  15. ^ yeah thats photoshopped by the way.
  16. Fuck, that guy's hand is messed up.

    Edit: Looking at that now, it does look Shopped.
  17. I had those fucking things, I found and killed one in my room last night.

    Lucky you on getting some pills though, bound to be a fun time.
  18. No her wasnt that bad. But they can do that kind of damage. Their venom is a compound that actually breaks down the proteins in the tissue. Look that shit up. Yea you need pills to deal with it.
  19. I have seen a couple of those in my house they get huge.
    but nice man, free pills or anything really is always great

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