Po-tay-to or Po-tat-o

Discussion in 'General' started by Lilith999, Feb 14, 2003.


Po-tay-to Po-tat-o

  1. Po-tay-to

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  2. Po-tat-o

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  3. Pot

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  4. shuddup!

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  1. hehehe pot hehehe
  2. I said potato
  3. yea pot man
  4. I used to work in the employee dining room at Yellowstone Park (Canyon Village) and we'd always label the mashed potatoes as "mashed pot". Sometimes we'd even have "baked pot"...that was nice...

  5. Sombody say Pot? (*takes hit :) )
  6. Or it might be...Porta.......pot.......a!
  7. Tatties.
  8. porta potty!>!? ewww stinky!

  9. That sounds dirty...

  10. silly brits, pots are for tatties

  11. Or taters?

    Pot is the choice of me!
  12. think fries will work? hot steamy fried pot cut into little pieces with ketchup. mmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmm ketchup.
  13. rock on bud head iv allways called them taters but im from the south but cool peace

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