PNW due for big storm. Should I wait?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Sade, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. So I just got clones from my uncle in law and the dispensarie. Deep sleep, Dimond og, sugar mama, gorilla glue #4 and lemon larry og. I worry that the rain will kill the weak clones if outside. Should I keep the clones in very small pots under my t5 light until the rain is done? It is supposed to rain almost all day every day for a week and two days. What do y'all think? I think I should hold off.

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  2. Or wait until close to the end of the rain. Then put them out two days before it stops. This way it is over cast and not to stress full on the plants being introduced to the outdoors.

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  3. I've never grown weed but I'd probably hold off to, but it depends how hardened the clones are I guess. Up in the Pacific Northwest the storms can be pretty rough, lots of wind and heavy rain. Down where I am it's been perfect, super hot though, I'd hold off if I was you but I've never grown weed though. I would worry about the hard rain effecting the soil and the plants, and the wind too
  4. Last year we were in a drought for like 3 years. This year however we are getting out of it. Read some things online that said they should be ok. I think I will wait a week. Then put them outside the last day of rain.

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  5. Yo man if it were me I would definitely wait so they don't get pummeled by the rain
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  6. PNW here, wait.
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  7. If you are growing for a fall harvest, you are planting too soon outdoors. You need to wait until your day length has increased to 14 hours or more or your plants will start blooming in June, then reverse back to veg until fall. This makes poor flowers when it happens.

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  8. Eh I'll let them grow indoors for now.

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  9. If you put them out right now ( assuming your where it doesn't freeze ) you can harvest end of May, 1st of June and fire-buy more plants for summer later..

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