PNW Dual 600w op.- first LEGIT setup

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  1. Grasscity! first grow journal attempt, i feel im now worthy enough to start one. I have been growin for just about a year now started with a small 100W single plant CFL setup in a fridge in my closet. upgraded to a 150w HPS in my closet, soon after i got the 150w a 1000w MH setup came my way. bought an eye hortilux hps conversion bulb for the ballast for flowering used that for my last grow and produced some great buds. with the proceeds i purchased my new setup.

    Ballast - Euro systems dual 600w 240v
    Hoods - 6" Blockbuster air cooled hoods
    Bulbs - GE PSL 600w HPS
    Ventilation -6" can fan - hoods
    - 6" can fan - exhaust
    Odor control - can fan carbon filter
    Tent - DR300 wide 4'x8'x7'

    Soil - aurora innovations formula 707
    Grow - bio biz grow, canna rhizotonic, botanicare liquid karma
    flower - bio biz bloom, canna bio boost, canna pk 13/14, liquid karma, molasses
    supplements - botanicare cal-mag plus

    maui wowie - havent tried this one yet but am very excited
    grape ape - another new strain i havent tried have heard good things hope its purple

    *have access to and have grown the following* -

    Northern berry- awesome berry flavour with blueish silver tint
    Trainwreck - smelled like fruity pebbles with awesome calyx formations in late flower
    Purple pixie - dark purple with red hairs but small yields, smells like pine trees
    Jesus - nice sized buds but didnt smell like anything special
    Skunk #1 - STANKY but wasnt impressed
    Lamb's breath - local strain awesome calyx formations, dark colored buds
    PEZ - local strain havent seen the actual plants but bud was spectacular
    lavender Kush - beautiful strain ( theses ones cost $$$ i hate that shit )

    Will post pics as soon as possible.

    my current setup is 90 miles away from my actual house, i visit once a week and have a "care taker" water them in between feedings while im gone for the next week. im curently growing skunk #1, maui wowie and jesus there under the 1000w/ 980w hps conversion bulb.

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