PnUtS - Growing Jounrnal (1stTime) Tons of Seeds

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  1. My grow all started with me wanting money , i dont smoke.
    I started reading around here and got some facts about this and that. Not much into flowers an such but this seems like something fun to do an im excited to see the results =]

    Alright , currently im soaking about... 30-40 seeds i kno to much =[ but im not sure which one's are good or not. I had my friends save up theres that they didn't use for me.

    My Equipment :
    Sta-Green Planting and Vegatable mix
    A Pot that i think is built for 2 plants. Its a long rectangular pot. (pictures soon)
    *Anything else needed? i plan on me having to run to Lowes again a few times*

    IM going to get the soil into the pot and tomarrow place the seeds into the soil with some water. Wrap plastic wrap around the pot rubberbanded and waiting for them to sprout up.

    Thats all i can think of for now, but im going to get the Pictures up soon.
    Really excited about this !!


    EDIT: Im not sure what these seeds are, so thats a surprise im going to see along with you guys :)
  2. Before you get started, buy more pots for sure, you never want more than one plant to a pot. they will fight for root space, and be unhealthy. Good luck otherwise, and post some pics up if you can once you get started.
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    If you are soaking about 30-40 seeds you are going to need 30-40 pots, are you planning to grow most of them outside? I assume that since you did not mention any thing about a lighting setup etc... for indoors.

    I think MJ takes ~2'sq per plant indoors (depends of lighting, container size, grow style etc) and i'm not sure about outdoors.

    I use 12" cone pots ~5.5L per plant with soild and seems to grow a 3' plant just fine.

    Good luck whatever you do
  4. I am going to grow these outdoors.

    And yea... i wasn't thinking and put all the seeds in the cup of water. will it matter if i only use 1 or 2 seeds and just put the rest back in a baggy? :/
  5. all THe seeds would HaVe germinaTed..... sorry some keys arnT working normally :S
  6. Thats funny :D

    But why would they hvae germinated , the seeds are going to be pulled out the water in a few hours and put into soil. and ill just keep the extra seeds i didn't use for another plant sometime.
  7. best to keep those plants short dude for indoors, 12/12 from seed
  8. Growing outdoors, their outside germinating right now.

    Can't wait for my babies to sprout

  9. sorry keys work now, but the seeds have been exposed too the conditions used to germinate so chances are they will germinate even if they are taken out of the water the process has already been started.
  10. Plants are in soil, been there for about 3 days.

    Just waiting for them to pop out the soil , can't wait.

    Hope they pop out though.... lol
  11. dude i hope you know it's waaaaaay too late to start growing outdoors.

    try again in april.
  12. Maybe not, where I live you can plant this late. It's kinda like going 12/12 from seed here if you plant this late. But we don't get our first frost untill middle November usually.

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