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Pneumonia and vaporizing.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdvancedToast, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. About a month ago I came down with a nasty cough that wouldn't go away. When I realized that it was more than just a cold, I stopped smoking and switched to vaporizing using my iolite vaporizer and my friends genie vape. When it still wouldn't go away, I went to my doctor and she said that I had a bad sinus infection and possibly pneumonia, so she put me on some antibiotics for both. I smoked too soon, and my cough came back. This time my doctor said I had full blown pneumonia. I was put on another round of antibiotics. I quit inhaling everything for about 4 days, but when my cough was a lot better, I decided one vaping session wouldn't hurt. Now the next morning, my cough was still much better, but throughout the day it started getting worse and worse. Its been almost a week since then, and my cough is almost back where it started. Could the ONE vaporizing session have brought my pneumonia back? Could the bacteria inhaled in the vapor created another infection? If anyone knows of any connection between pneumonia and vaporizing, I'd love to hear it.
  2. its theorized that weed may weaken your immune system. if i were you i'd be worrying about getting better and not how soon can i get high again
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    The problem here is that you're retareded, and you were so desperate to get high, that you 'd rather risk inhaling things with pneumonia.

    Name Calling and disrespect are not tolerated here - WW
  4. I'm hoping granny sees this. :)
  5. Well thanks for the criticism, but I was really looking for an answer to my question, not an internet argument.
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    I hope both times you finished the prescription?

    Finish the antibiotics completely then see how you feel.
    Hope you shake that man. I know people who have had "walking pneumonia" for months.

    Oh and full blown pneumonia is more than a persistent cough. It will be accompanied with high fever, fatigue, chest pain, lack of oxygen(blue lips, finger tips).
    A simple google search and you would see the difference between "walking" and severe pneumonia.

    As for the bacteria theory. Clean your vape if you feel this could have caused it.
  7. Yeah I had to go to hospital for a few days with Pneumonia once. It's not fun.

    I wouldn't suggest toking unless it makes you feel better.
  8. Says the guy who can't even spell retarded, ignore this guy he's a troll and just goes on different post trying to piss people off. He's obviously superior in everyway. (lol)
  9. Technically even if he didn't smoke he would still be inhaling things.. seeing as he has to breathe.
  10. Why would you all try and find technicalities in my post. You know i'm right. "Hmm, i have pneumonia, what should i do? hmm i know what is a great idea, let's LOAD A BOWL" why don't you get better first? if there's one situation where weed isn't a good idea, it would be this one.
  11. It might not be the best way to assert the point but JoeObey does have one. You don't stress your lungs when you have a lung issue, and you don't keep trying at something if the symptoms keep getting aggravated each time you do it, not once, not twice, but three times... ?

    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

    It sucks to be criticized when you make a dumb move but how will you ever know or get better if people tell you, "It's aight, bro." until you're in the ICU with fluid in your lungs. Instead take it on the chin, accept it for what it is, and if you want to be snarky add in a "touché" and be on your way.

    I'm not saying JoeObey's post was informative or sound, but understand the community here and perhaps empathize that he has something to say but perhaps not the tact or ability to say it as well as someone else might.
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  12. Don't get your panties in a bunch. I agree with you completely, I just didn't say it.
  13. Thanks guys. I did finish my course of antibiotics. I smoked the first time, and I assumed vaping was pretty much harmless so I just did it once. I realized it wasn't a good idea though and I didn't do it again, I was just wondering if it was a connection. It definitely was the culprit though, as any irritant brought into the lungs won't be good for them when they are weak and damaged from a chest infection.
  14. If your "pneumonia" fails to resolve with repeated rounds of antibiotic, you may wish to pursue further diagnostics.:)

    CDC | TB | Basic TB Facts

    Cannabis's ability to suppress certain inflammatory cytokinies is one of the things they should be looking into to help keep young people from dying of pneumonia.

    Understanding the inflammatory cyt... [Arch Intern Med. 2007 Aug 13-27] - PubMed - NCBI
    Intensivmedizin und Notfallmedizin, Volume 36, Number 3 - SpringerLink
    http://literature.cannabisreeducati...une effects/Smith, inflammatory cytokines.pdf
    The Cannabinoid System and Cytokine

  15. "Cannabis's ability to suppress certain inflammatory cytokinies is one of the things they should be looking into to help keep young people from dying of pneumonia."
       How true How true. As a sufferer of Cystic Fibrosis (another serious Lung disease like TB) I can vouch for the medicinal effects cannabis has on damaged and inflamed lung tissue from experience. I'm NEVER as sick while using Cannabis as I am when I stop. BUT, Smoking and even Vaporizing at moments when there's a serious issue will only add to the inflammation. Eating it or using the oil's are two more recommended routes unless (as with CF) getting the THC into the lungs is of great importance. You see, CF sufferers succumb to a bacterial pathogen known as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. It gets into our lungs causing a thickening of the mucous which then gets into our GI tracts and pancreas and stops your body's ability to digest and ingest foods. You then basically just waste away from a kind of sepsis and dehydration/starvation. It's a horrible process that gets worse with age. And being 44 now, many people don't live past 50. So my expiration date is approaching......
            But of important note is the fact that they've found and proven THC and Cannabanoids actually have an antibacterial component and it kills PA bacteria on contact. Not all of it mind you, but it reduces the little buggers numbers more than many antibiotics (which PA seems to mutate and become quickly resistant to causing fully resistant strains) and also restore appetite and sleep which many of us lose in the later phases of this battle. I haven't slept a full 8 hour night in over 2 years now but when I stop using cannabis I go down to only 2 hours of sleep a night and can't eat much at all and the weight loss starts getting out of hand fast and I can lose up to 6 lbs a day. At least when medicating I not only sleep between 4 and 6 hours a night, I eat a good 3 meals a day and don't lose weight.
          Here's a great study done on the antibacterial effects of Cannabis. Maybe you can find some info here. Good Luck! 

    Holy shit man i wouldnt be able to handle the fact that i have like 6 years left, i think i would go crazy 
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    [SUB]I did for awhile. Literally lost my mind. But after that reality sets in and you either succumb and wait to die, or you start researching and searching for answers. I've now found an incredible book that just came out DAYS ago and chronicles Russia's ongoing research into Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma and Cancers in reference to Blood Oxygen levels. It's pretty cutting edge stuff, but it's based on COMMON SENSE. If the lungs are malfunctioning, then delivering OXYGEN back into the body can reverse the damage from the absence of it which has been proven to be the root cause in illness and deaths in people with CF. The blood becomes Hypoxic. Or poisoned and thick due to oxygen deprivation. [/SUB]
    [SUB]          So.... Today I start on Oxygen therapy to raise my Blood O2 levels and begin the process of retraining my body to breathe properly as over the course of the past decades I've developed some very unhealthy breathing habits (I hold my breath when I read, concentrate, play guitar etc.... and I never realized it. but when I play piano my breathing is normal and proper. Weird huh?). And later this week I'm off to Duke Medial Center in Raleigh  to see an incredible pulmonary specialist to try and add some time to my coda. I BELIEVE that between antibiotic therapy to destroy the bacteria in my lungs and raising my oxygen levels (which is another factor in this bacteria issue. Bacteria can't grow in highly oxygenated mediums. So when the body's oxygen levels drop the body becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Hence the onset of things like Fibromyalgia, IBS, Sinus infection etc.... that seem incurable no matter what meds doctors give someone.) to a normal place my body will begin to fight and regenerate. Up until now in America the average lifespan of a CF sufferer in 35. I'm now 44 and have NEVER had treatment for it. SO WHY AM I STILL ALIVE??? BY ALL STANDARDS I SHOULD BE DEAD BY NOW.  I've had many instances in my life where I became ill like this and spiraled into a sick hell and after months would finally recover. But this time the spiral has gone on for 2 YEARS and I've been sitting literally knocking on deaths door. [/SUB]
    [SUB]          BUT, again I'm still here and the ONLY thing I can find that I believe is the reason is CANNABIS. And that's because the Bacteria that kills CF people is called Pseudomonas Aeroginosa and Cannabis has been PROVEN to destroy it! And if it's colonized in my lungs, then what else was getting to it, reducing it's numbers and has allowed me to live this long???? CANNABIS! But every time I stop using cannabis this surges forward and my health spirals fast, I lose around 5 lbs a day and can't sleep more than 2 hours a night. Up until now doctors denied it being possible, but now they're accepting it.I'm a Living and (mostly) breathing example of the truth on cannabis and I wish I could get this info out there for more people to see. This is not inference nor opinion. This is hard, cold facts. I'M STILL HERE TODAY BECAUSE I'VE MEDICATED WITH MARIJUANA AND I'M FURIOUS THAT THESE TYPES OF CASE STUDIES ARE BEING BURIED RATHER THAN SHARED AND EXPANDED UPON. [/SUB]
    [SUB]        Seek your own truths and decide for yourself based on experiences. And don't trust this horrible medical system. They will never implement this in the USA because there's NO MONEY to be made in neither OXYGEN nor CURING diseases. Only in treating the symptoms and relinquishing the sufferers to an expensive, chemical filled, ongoing half-life that eventually kills them after they've been fiscally drained. Yet, in Russia they have an incredibly HIGH CF rate and through this research have extended the lifespan of their CF sufferers from 35 to 70 and 80 years old!!! So why hasn't America jumped onto this treatment??? Because our government would rather bleed us dry and watch us waste into illness than actually try and cure us.[/SUB]
    [SUB]      In Russia they don't have the money we do here and their economy suffers when mass people get ill. So they actually try and CURE them because there's no money to bleed them of and they can't fiscally handle taking care of hoardes of the ill. And through this therapy they've changed their entire populace's health and mortality rates. [/SUB]
    [SUB]                                     WHY CAN'T OUR COUNTRY DO THE SAME??? IT'S ANGERING.[/SUB]
  18. You sound like a sad, angry little man. Is it past your bed time?
  19. Lack of sleep is almost as bad as taking hit when you have pneumonia isn't it? You can probably die from both but I'm assuming it's easier to die from the former, we need sleep in order to function properly. My advice to you is to get some and to stop disrespecting people left and right. Best wishes!
  20. I think your rebound case is because your vape sess has made your cilia lay down which stops the movement of the plenum up and out of your lungs. Good thing for you is the fact that using cannabis doesn't damage the cilia and they very soon return to standing and waving back and forth. Cigs on the other hand damage and lay them sucks down for years after you stop. Think about it like this, you smoke weed all night, the next morning you have a hot shower, and you cough up some major thick luggies with some black in them. Cilia and the anti inflammatory working perfectly. With cigs its just a dry non productive "smokers cough" . You just have set your lungs back temporarily at the worst possible time.

    Oh what a day. What a lovely day!

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