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Pnemonia from water bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DigitalAids, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. I heard you can get pnemonia from taking bong hits. Is this true?
  2. Personally, I think it sounds like a load of shit.
  3. well, you can get pneumonia if you don't. It depends on how healthy you are. But I've never heard of that happening. Probably more likely if you don't clean it often.

  4. QFT

    bong hits can bring "moist" smoke up but nothing bad enough for pnemonia.
  5. The cases I've seen pnemonia coming from though are from ice catcher bongs.

  6. Can you cite a source for such claims?
  7. i have never heard of anything as serious pnemonia but i have seen someone pass out, fall backwards and drop my bong after exhaling. luckily no damage to the bong and he quickly came back to reality; a lack of oxygen i'd guess
  8. never heard of pneumonia from bongs at all. Ice catcher or not.
  9. the ice crystals stick to the smoke and thats why ice is bad, you are supposed to put warm water in a bong/bub and it is the most healthy without ice, or a coil is the best with a glo-rod
  10. Ive heard you can get Pnemonia from using ice in your bong. Something about water vapor and it entering your lungs don't know if its true though.
  11. Water from ice or what not isn't's like when you take a steamy shower or go in a sauna or hot tub to do hold your breath?

  12. screw him, all we care about is the bong eh?
  13. Tell that to the lung infection i got last year hahaha

    It can make things worse, but its no guarantee. Last year though i had a nasty infection that was borderline pneumonia. I was also rippin bongs with ice cubes on the regs. Probably why, smoke is fairly hot so its logical that if you have icecubes then some of the frozen water might sublimate into vapor and get into your lungs that way...

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