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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TheHempress, Mar 21, 2003.

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  1. I just want to apologize in advance if I offend or piss off anyone in the next few days...I\'m verrry cranky right now, and I don\'t have nicotine either, so watch out :p
  2. I just wanted to say in advance...don\'t piss me off!!! LOL!

    It\'s cool girl. Luckily, my PMS has calmed down but I used to get really cranky, too. I know what you\'re going through. We\'ll cut you some slack!
  3. a reason im thankful to be a man :)

    go buy some ciggies!: )
  4. Thanks for the warining..

    Us guys need something to blame being pissed off for...
  5. definition of PMS: Possible Murder Suspect

  6. Wow, you amaze me more each day!!!;)
  7. i hate PMS girls use it as an excuse for anything and everything. maybe not girls on this site but girls in my nieghboorhood do. I like girls on this web site they are cool and chill stoner chicks YAH, girls in my nieghboorhood are well i dont wanna say.
  8. It\'s all over
  9. Where the hell is that thread, Bongish? I have a lot of fucking off to do!!!
  10. ;) You called me babycakes! It made me forget everything I want to say fuck off to. ;)

    They\'ll all hit me again in a few minutes...thanks for the too, Hempress!!!
  11. this thread makes me so frikkin angry.....



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