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  1. Hi, so i have been fighting powdery mildew in every single grow i have done. For long time already i know why.

    I have a large garden and PM is everywhere on Roses, cucumbers, beens, ext. There no way to get rid of it in the garden.
    I have tryed every home made solution there is to man - starting with neem ending with baking soda and diluted milk solutions. I give up!.
    They are just not effective enough, since its everywhere it always comes back and spoils my buds, i trown awey approx 500 to 1kg plant material because of it

    Now as it is the most common problem with cannabis outdoor grows there are hundreds of videos/ threads about this , and for the most part that confuses me the most.
    So many different opinions and solutions that its hard to tell what is the best and especially for my situation so i come to you guys. HELP ME!

    Situation : I live in a rainy cold place, with limited sun, my garden is full of pm and it cant be stoped. Weather is bad in general but in end of sept ( when i harvest ) it gets even worse and thats when PM gets the big guns out and just fucks me. So i need something that works as good in late bloom as in early grow. And it have to be from eu. No one ships to my country from states.


    Can pm affect alredy dried buds and can it spread to freshly harvested buds?
  2. I don't know that there's anything that can be done for it during flower. Anything that you spray on them will remain inside the buds. Even the milk treatment - you don't want to be smoking that - or any other fungicide. I just went through it during flower and 3 plants were cut 4 weeks early and another 3 2 weeks early. I kept pruning any leaf that even had the slightest PM on it but I couldn't keep up. If I didn't harvest what I did when I did, it would have destroyed the bud completely.

    It's like an aggressive cancer
  3. Yea but if its on plant, and u are not letting it spread, dosent it still affect the harvested bud? When u start curing and drying dosent it spread even if there was just a little bit?
  4. I don't think it spreads once it's drying unless the bud is already noticeably infected of if your RH is high. PM is systemic, so once it's in the plants it's there - it's even present in clones from moms that had it even if it's not visible. It will eventually make it's way to the bud if it's on the plant. You can try to keep up with trimming affected leaves, but...

    It won't affect already dried bud - it needs moisture.

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