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    Hi everyone. I'm sorry to say that my first grow has been infected with powdery mildew. We got a qp and the outsides of the buds look alright but the insides of most of the big buds (haven't checked the little ones) have a fair amount of pm :(

    I don't really wanna smoke the stuff but I was wondering, is its ok to make BHO out of my pee emmy weed? Would there be any pm in it? Any input is appreciated :)

  2. PM inside your buds? Are you sure thats not mold? Usually PM starts as a light dusting on the leaves which creep to the buds, eventually covering the outside. Mold is usually from inside-->out

    I'm not advising you one way or the other, but here are some facts.

    I've smoked on PM bud and im alive - this happened over a year ago, and any lung infection should have taken off since then; my immune system has had several shocks.

    I make QWISO out of my PM buds and feel fine baking with it; Smoking i'd be OK with doing, but since I don't have to I don't.

    PM is a plant-specific fungal infection : Its a mildew, not a mold - as such, its not as harmful to you as bud rots would be.

    Its still a mildew, and a contaminant, and any extraction is going to grab stuff from the PM as well.

    You can kill PM with H2O2 sprays, or highly alkaline sprays. Afterwards you can wash the buds in water to try and dislodge any dead PM, reducing contamination in your hash.

    There WON'T be PM in your BHO given that your screen is small enough; however you WILL extract compounds from the pm.

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