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  1. i have a 400 wat hps and a jarden 4x4 grow room and a couple of wter farms n wen i went to check up on my plant they have yellow leaves and i check the ph and it was 7.0 and ppm was 560 wen i put the nutes it was 400ppm and ph was 5.8 it changed in a couple of days i noticed the water level went down also i think it was cuz of wonderin what can i do switch to cfl or what can i do to avoid evaperation....plz help thanks
  2. Add water....plants drink water, get use to it
  3. y are my leaves turnin yellow and y the ppm went fom 400 to 600 so fast ???
  4. Did the ph go up or down?
    What nutrient line?
    Temp of the water in the dwc?
    Ambient air temp in your grow?

    We need Pics of the roots

    Pics or it never happen
  5. roots look good temp in the room is bout 90 cuz of the mh/hps n the water temp i gotta find out i think there bout80 the ph and the ppm both are goin high by alot
  6. i think i might need a water chiller but what if i get that and the room temps are still high.....even tho i have a fan in there im goin crazy lol

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