plz tell me what's wrong

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  1. hi been growing this plant for 1month now and the old leafs are turning yellow with some burt tips no fertilzer yet was wonder what do to plz look at picture thanks got more if needed thanks

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  2. theres no nugget hah idk man

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  3. What? Seriously, if your not going to help him out, then don't bother posting.

    On the subject, what type of lights are you using? And how close are they to the plant?

  4. just useing 2 200 watt spiral lights there about 4 inchs away not enough heat to burn
  5. also wondering if anyone can tell me if it's male or female can't tell in my eyes lol
  6. It's too young to tell, it's not sexing yet. You will notice if it's a male, as it will have balls.

  7. No fertilizer yet? This plant is mature enough to be fed. Start it off at half strength or so.

    Also fill the pot as high as you can with dirt. Looks a little low.
  8. It also looks as though there isnt much soil..I cna't really tell from those two pics but I would take a look at that.. you might need to still looks really small and underdeveloped for a month, nutes if i read correctly??

    how often have you been watering?

    they might be turning yellow due to certain deficiancies in your plant.. I'm not expert but if you search you can find a ton of threads/websites diagnosing various plant problems.. take a look dude..

    EDIT: here is the sticky posted in the "Sick Plants..." forum... you can start here. no pictures, but clear descriptions.
  9. seem like is only da 2 leafz are turnin yellow.... start feedin da plant... start out small amount, n built up to normal amount...... i usely feed every 2 weekz... but if da plant seen to need more, i feed it once a week....
  10. thanks for the info people

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