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Plz Read

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EFS, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. So, for all you out there that get pissed about these threads, fuck you and read it, because I'm helping people.

    So today, on my last day of being a senior of high school, I was caught with a nickel of mids. So now, I face jail charges and fines for possession, and I don't get to graduate with my class. I have to go through a rehab program and I have to do a certain # of hours for comm service. To all you underage kids (-18) if your gonna get involved with pot, don't do it in school, people you think that are your friends will end up narcing you.

    Peace & Love-Most likely Goodbye to everyone on GC. I haven't been here long, but its been good.

  2. That sucks man.
    I hope everything works out okay for ya.
  3. Yeah it sucks. But I expected it. Also, the dealer apparently ratted me out, and his "friend" ratted him. He was taken to jail for possession and distribution and he had a half O on him at the time...
  4. Hope you will be more better!!
  5. Damn.. That blows amigo. Hm.. Hope you don't get punished too to bad. But damn, LAST DAY and you don't grad. with your class. That blows.
  6. Why would you do/bring/buy anything illegal on school grounds. That's sheer stupidity man - it sucks that it happened, but you have nobody to blame but yourself. Hopefully you don't get fucked too hard man, good luck.
  7. wat state do u live in?
  8. During highschool, i kept rules.

    a big rule is to not fucking tell nonsmokers when im holding/high. because for one, to nonsmokers and smokers alike, its lame to just randomly run up and be like "oh god guys im so high. here here check out mah staaashhh" that type of crap is what gets good guys busted. Highschoolers also have a dumb little sense of self righteousness and blinded morality. Where a 30 year old might see you smoking a joint in your car and shrug it off, a 15 year old will just be compelled to bring attention to you and have themselves rewarded in the process.(im not saying all highschoolers will do this, nor will all adults ignore you, but in my own personal experience, there are just some groups who are more of a security risk than others.)

    Ive heard stories of this one guy merely experimenting with weed and the rest of his christian buddies blew up and told his homeroom teacher anonymously that he needed help and counseling, but I never saw it firsthand so I somewhat doubt its authenticity.

    Discretion is the key element to stealth smoking and the pot smoking culture in highschool is pretty harsh. if you're smart then you can survive and be able to toke again another day. if you're not...we'll enjoy your long vacation/expulsion/legal problems and a nasty little mark on your transcript.

    sorry OP, better luck next time I guess, I hope your story scares future would-be dumbasses.
  9. Sorry to hear about that buddy... Just keep living life and take it one day at a time... Dont let it ruin anything for you.
  10. wow ya that sux man… MA is finally getting its act together cept u have to be 18 to not go to rehab programs. Ha the dealer if he was 18 would have been slapped with a $100 fine for anything under a oz

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