Plz I Need Imidiate Help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pyrotec420, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. i need help with my lighting befroe its too late....i was just told by shade 420 that my lights are no good ...but i have no clue on wat kind i need ..i got some clue but question is ..for my 2 plants will a 150 watt clear high pressure sodium single light bulb be enough? or should i get 2 and put them in my 2 in 1 devider thing and will these lights give the rtight amount of light to save my plants and get them up to date and make them healthy ...thanks alot for your help!!!! later stoner friends!!!
  2. One 150 watt HPS is fine for 2 plants:)
  3. you can afford it go for another 150HPS. Remember it's all about the lumen output in the proper spectrum. The more lumens in the proper spectrum=more budweight!!!!
  4. Ive got three plants that are currently in flowering and I use;

    150w HPS, 70w HPS , 2x40w grow floro tubes, 2x25w warm white floros.

    Thats what ive got going for my 3 girls. Im expecting decent buds........more important lots of seeds :)
  5. I would think you have plenty of lights for three plants!!!!! Good luck with your grow!!! Peace!!!

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