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  1. How long should transplant stress stunt growth? A few roots came off ..
  2. need more info. what kind of transplant, how big/old is the plant, seedling/clone/vegging/flowering, indoor or outdoor?
  3. as long as the root ball is ok, most of the time you'll be fine.. but yeah need more info
  4. get some superthrive at walmart and there will be very little stress time
  5. Indoor. The plant was a week old. The true leaves are getting bigger though so we're good :D
  6. Plants are pretty resiliant. They have been around far longer then mankind or just about anything. A few lost roots in a transplant while not good is not the end of the world. Plant will be fine. If like you ripped half of them off sure be worried but a couple root strands dont sweat it.
  7. I dont see the 2nd set coming in at all and the true leaves are already a little bigger than the cotyledons???
  8. On my old plant it started showing by now o.o
  9. Every plant is different dude. You will know before to long what the deal is. Not every batch turns out.
  10. True. I hate fucking bag seed. You think it's worth shelling out the cash to buy seeds from a bank?

  11. Mmmmm gonna say yes. The return on seeds and investing in stuff is paid off easily with one order and successful grow. Vast majority of us on here order off the internet.

    These guys, discreet.

    ATTITUDE SEEDBANK Cannabis Seeds
  12. Any preffered sites? shipping to MD

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