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  1. In 2 days she would have been in the 12/12 stage for 3 signs of budding and her leaves look like they r burning....what to do...

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  2. When the lights are off, is she in total darkness or is there ambient light?

    What is your feeding schedule and what are you feeding?

    What's your light setup?
  3. She is n total darkness at Nite....I water when top soil is dry....I feed her 2x last week...normally 1x a week. I use the lights from a aerogarden
  4. Look really burned and looks like light contamination maybe If you are using a lot of nutrients maybe dial that back and filter your water how big is that pot in relation to the plant looks shallow
  5. If you just changed feeding schedule and have changed nothing else, start by reducing number of feedings or strength. Also, what is the pH difference between the water entering the topsoil to the water draining off? This could be an issue.

    Also, if nothing else was changed besides more nutes then you may want to flush the soil as it is probably storing some nasty hot spots that will give you problems to come.
  6. What is light contamination? ....will it grow buds
  7. no budding due to light contamination,and nute burn and over watering all visible.Check lights off and make sure totally dark...flush or repot and water only when dry...IMO
  8. A combination of soil health problem (Ie chemical fertilizers' effect on soil) and insufficient light.
  9. could be lack of air to the roots if you constantly overwater they will never get air which can cause drooping leaves
  10. I agree that plant has multiple problems. It is too unhealthy to produce anything. If you water whenever the top of the soil gets dry, you are overwatering. You should water when they pot feels light when you pick it up. You may not have enough soil and/or the wrong kind of soil. You are overfertilizing. Are you checking the ph? Your aerogarden light is obviously not enough. You probably have a light leak too, meaning light leaking into the grow room in the dark period.
  11. So what do I do now....I have flushed da soil....or is she a goner...
  12. I would start fresh, with the right conditions for growing (soil, watering, light, air, nute regimen).
  13. So starting fresh what kind of lights how many, soil and nutes
  14. What exactly did you do this time? What is your current set up?

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