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  1. Ok so this is my first year outdoors. I put my clones out Friday afternoon when I got them from the dispensary. They were ok for about a day but wen I checked on them yesterday(Tuesday) they seemed to be stressing from the heat and gets 100 easy here. Leaves are falling off and curling. Kinda white tips to. Only gave water so far. This morning I put them all in the shade under manzanita bushes. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanx
  2. that might just be how its gonna go for you getting a late start like that and slapping them straight outside.. I take my clones in mid feb. and keep them under light inside 24/7 until april 1st, then I take them outside during the day and back under lights at night until may 1st then they go outside permanently on the first weekend of may.. its a process to introduce them to the sun and heat.. just sayin..
  3. Ok thanx. Do you know of any thing I can do besides shade to help them pull out of this and strengthen up??
  4. And it seems my 2 sativas are suffering worse then my indica...?
  5. You need to hardin them put them out side in the shade for about a week then you can move them out to full sun
  6. Ok I put them in the shade this morning. I have read that adding a bit of sugar to the water can help them recover from heat stress better?? Any1 heard of that? Or would Superthrive be good for them??
  7. How well rooted were the clones you acquired? If they had plenty of root mass I would hit them with a gentle compost tea. Fill a 5 gallon bucket about 3 gallons full. Add a cup of EWC, Cup of alfalfa, and 2 tbs. of kelp meal. Stir well every couple hours for about 12 hours and apply. That should cull any ailments your plants are feeling and perk them back up. BTW whatever tea you dont use just give to the bushes they will love it.

  8. Ok I can try that. I just went and got some Superthrive as well. Well I got them in the little 1x1 square pots and there was quite a bit of roots in it. Definatly to the bottom of the pot and it's 2" tall

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