plz help with ny plant(transplant)

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    a plant was givin to me by a freind its about 2 feet tall and in veg state .
    its wasin horrid condition at my freinds house in small pot and givin tap wateri dont know how many time per waatering.looked pretty healthy tho some dried up leave and a lil was in some dirt that i have no clue where it came from.
    the dirt was also full of small centipede lookin bugs so i bought some premix soil and a nice pot i then took the plant from old pot dirt and all and washed off all the dirt and bugs and got it all off and it had decsent root system , i then gently planted it in the new pre mix dirt i bought , gave it a watering and put it under 2 42watt daylight cfls in my 3x3x9 closet painted white withan exhaustfan and a oscilating fan inside tems are 75f hum is 50-60.i did this transplant like a week ago and the plant is still nice n grreen
    and is growing new leave from the top but all of the stems are purple i dont know hwy and i dont know what this means , plz help .. will this plant live? :smoking:
  2. plz any help , what do u guys guys think of this
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    no has any experience in this? i rly need help badly with this plant im a noob plz some1 help!!! lol:smoking:
  4. it should be fine. stems can turn purple from stress and transplants can be stressful. also make sure it's not getting too cold at night.
  5. at night temps are 70-75 its droopy tho , im worried i hope it survives the transplant
    im watering like every 2 days , soil is time release nutespre mix called new era:smoking:
  6. bump , whatu guys think?

  7. pictures would be nice
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    EDIT: i need to learn to read the whole post first >.<

  9. wow, i dont think you even read his post at all.
  10. justwoke up and looked at the plant ,some of the larger lower fan leave still yellowish and droppy but thathow it was givin to me, but there is new growth of the top at sides and that growth is not droopy so i hoping the plant took root ,, im prolly gonna give the plant tlc for a month then flower it out , i just cant wait till i get some good seeds from online
  11. your plant survived after you completely rinsed off the roots?! nice

    You might want to buy something for killing the bugs, they probably will return.

    If the plant is still growing, then you're mostly fine.

    Usually if something's really wrong, the plant will stop growing first.
  12. ahh whata relief , yes the plants is still growing , im pretty sure i washed away all the little centipedes but ill keep a close watch , thx for input dude
  13. I read the first post and got to the part about "gave it a watering and put it under 2 42watt daylight cfls in my 3x3x9 closet" and laughed. sorry,
    id say add more light with a reflective hood, maybe some mylar around three sides atleast. and a good nute mix with regular feedings.
    the bugs sound crazy. ive never had centipedes before. sounds horrible!
    good luck, hope she survives........
  14. Your plant shounds like it's doing just fine. Purple stems are perfectly okay. If the plant is really droopy you might even be overwatering it. Before you water again the soil should be all dry at the top two inches or so. Good call on switching the soil to get rid of those nasty ass bugs but you chose a soil with time release nutrients. Time release nutrients are not good for mj but your plant should be able to deal with it as long as you don't add any other fertilizer.
  15. ya i knew the time released soil premix was bad , but i just got it cuz it was readily available at the time and also because this plant is prolly from a crappy bagseed .
    the bag of soil did lay it was a light time release and wouldnt burn but we'll see i guess, if anything i flush it out a buncha times
    what soil would u recomend?
    cant wait to get pics up!!!
  16. still droopy , there is new growth altho so some the new fane leaves are slighty yellowing like yellow veins kinda , not much tho

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