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  1. What are the best lighting setups that wont set me back some serious cash. Because mine just arent growing fast enough. I'm using straight UVA/UVB bulbs
  2. LMFAO!
    You need to give them the right spectrum of light, wheather it's HID or CFL ect.
    Keep the UVB light and use it along with your flowering lamp.
    Use a CFL if you cant fork out enough cash for HIDS.
  3. lol. dude, the ONLY somewhat cheap thing to use is cfls but you need so many. besides cfls your talking at least 100-150. you can use cfls but make sure you use 6500K for veg and 2700K for flowering. your yield is not gonna be great at all but it will work sooooo much better than your uva/uvb HA.
    but for real. save money, get the 600 watt hps for flower, veg with cfls
  4. I use CFLs, and if you buy like a handful of CFL bulbs to start them out, then add more as they grow and as you can afford them. that is what i have been doing. spent 40 bucks on building supplies and lights, then have dropped about 50 or so for more lights. they are super easy to use and assemble setups for. for the situation your are in, CFL it up man! ill send you pics of my setup, which i think is fairly creative. I finished week 3 as of this afternoon w my grow and just transplanted, and added 4 6500K lights
  5. Ok, prices? places to buy the CFLs?
  6. Many times in life, you get what you pay for. Lighting is critical to quality and yield. A $400 LED will last decades and pay for itself in the first crop. :yay:
  7. What will make them grow the fastest? entire set up?
  8. It depends on how many plants you want to grow and what your long term plan is. If it is strictly personal use, and if you are not a smoke fiend, one 63 watt (or 90 watt UFO) is plenty.

    One 63 watt LED will take 3-4 plants through veg to about 2 ft in height. At that point, decide which ones to use as a 'mother' for cloning. You will probably have 4-8 clones, which will grow pretty fast and need more light once they hit about 2 feet tall.

    Pretty much get all the LED you can afford. One for the top, and one for the sides
  9. Where can i get the LED lights?
  10. Stores will be selling plenty of them now, coming up to Christmas, they look well on a Christmas tree.
  11. a 63 watt one?
    and how much should they cost?

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