plz help with cfl grow

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  1. so i got this grow going on in my mini fridge. i have a plant bout 8 inches and 2 sprouts. im using 2 26w cfls that are 2700k i am looking to have a good harvest with a few ounces but i have a question is this enough light to grow 3 plants and still come up with atleast 2.5 ounces i know i need 6500k but i cant afford.plz help i except all advice
  2. nope 150-200 watts cfl would get you around 2 zips
  3. I understand the lack of funds. I was able to get four 23w CFLs at 5000K for less than 10 bucks from Lowe's. I'm running six of those in my grow box. Definitely need more than 2700K for vegging.
  4. I think it would take around 200 watts to reach your goal. What size area are you using?

    I veg under 2700 and it does pretty good.
  5. im using a fridge 2ft wide 3.5 ft tall and i have 2 lizzard light things but i have no fan or vent out if the fridge
  6. dude your plants will die from heat in a second if you dont ventilate. I have a 125w cfl and that bitch heats my vented box that isnt insulated like a fridge up to like 100 degrees easy with the fans off.
  7. i learned the hard way and it sinjed my plants tips but i moved it back into my 400w equivALENT cfl grow box
    and its looking its looking better

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