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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WeeD BreeD #1, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Hey every1 its me again and i wuz wunderin sumthing now im probably gonna order these seeds off the net from original and there is this new seed called the lowryder. there alot of money but perfect for wut im lookin for but the Question is wen i plant these seeds and afetr my plant grows the seeds i get from the plant are they gonna be like the seed i planted like wut i meen is are they going to be the exact same can u help me out on that htx
    Peace out

    its not dieing if u die doing something u love
  2. thx alot 4 ur help ok peace out
  3. i believe lowryder is near impossible to clone
  4. as jusus freak said.. u cant clone lowryder...

    i say u plant all 10 seeds, u get 6 females.. 4 males, and u take to females, and let the males do there magic, so u wont have to buy more lowryder seeds..

  5. its not just hard its a bitch.... the thing takes so long to root it ends up starving before it grows em...............

    -sidenote- i cant get enough of your avatar please make a new thread and just post a huge picture of your avatar on it thank you :D

    Edit: "them" meaning the roots

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