My seeding leaves turn crispy

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    Last edited: Apr 22, 2016 seeding bottom leaves turn crispy, dead, brown, like the picture below.
    This is a white widow seeding about 17days. ph 6 tds 380ppm
    indoor hydroponics, In a mist bucket, water temp is 24C, environment temp is 21C, use 1 cfl light 32W For THIS One seeding, when It is well set, i will put them In to 600W MH/HPS tent.
    the cfl bulbs to plant tip distance is 3cm.
    nutes concentration is Not High, 380ppm. (0.76EC maybe)

    the brown part of leave is very very crispy. i am worried
    anyOne experience This Before?

    roots are very long, and some of those roots start to turn Just a little bit brown. i did use hydroguard...

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  2. There is no picture
  3. indoor or outdoor?
    did you overfeed or have too high temps or light too close?
  4. indoor hydroponics, In a mist bucket, water temp is 22 C, environment temp is 21C, use 1 cfl light 32W For One seeding, when set, i will put them In to 600W MH HPS tent.
    the cfl bulbs to plant tip distance is 3cm.
    nutes concentration is Not High, 380ppm. (0.76EC maybe)
  5. i know . i am In China. and the net connection to worldwide is very unstable these days.
    i tried many Time It Just stuck on uploading process.
  6. Pix Please nurse My seeding

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  7. i edited My threads and uploaded Pix , Please have a look.
  8. finally upload succeed
  9. Not the worse thing that can happen. They look like they could be deficient, try reading up on deficiency symptoms. Pay attention to the new growth, if that is coming out jacked up then you have real problems. But the cotyledons are the only things that look a bit damaged right now, the top leaves still look pretty good. don't freak out. But definitely look up deficiencies, maybe one of the older guys can tell you exactly whats wrong but I would say don't stress too much. They still look like they will survive.
  10. Actually, I believe those may be the first set of leaves after cotyledons. either way i think they will recover
  11. thank you! i checked deficiency on other web, still Not find out which nutes deficiency is.. i will add a little Micro In the tank and see what happens.
  12. someone else know what happens to,My seeding?
  13. i uploaded another Pix, This problem isq working its way up. My god.
  14. It's not a nutrient deficiency, your ppm is good. It's a lack of oxygen to the roots. Can you put up a photo of the set up that the roots are in? Are you pumping fresh air to the root zone?
  15. Man, i think you are,definitely right, u are real Pro. i am at work, but i draw a basic Sketch. Please see below, and i am worried about the temperature.

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  16. I am thinking about move My grow bucket to the garage with md light. i can thrill a hole on the bucket wall, insert a Big air stone into water and pump bubbles.(i have Two air pumps)
    do you think It will cure My plant?
    One more question, how can i maintain low temps of the water tank. can i through In Ice bottle In? It will float and surely can Touch the roots. is that dangerous?
  17. To keep the water temperature of the reservoirs low in hydro/ dwc, I used insulation that I bought from a hardware store and wrapped it around then aluminum tape over that.

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  18. IS One layer of insulation aluminum tape enough?
  19. Youc

    You can do that, but do you already have an air pump pushing fresh air to the roots? Are the roots submerged?

    Adding a frozen bottle of water helps bring the temperature down, it won't hurt the roots, but if you wanted you can pump the nutrient solution to another reservoir and put the frozen bottles in to that. You can have that reservoir pump to the plant's reservoirs and overflow back or the other way around
  20. Thanks. (i got Two words wrong up there... drill, and MH light.. lol)
    Before you suggest to pump air Into It i didn't do it. i set up the pump last night 12 hours ago. seems It will work.
    the roots are very long, about 1 meter long. It sure will submerged into water.
    i have One concern. does It disturb or stunt the roots while the water keep bubbling by the air pump? It seems like boiling water.the root is moving arround It the water. lol.
    i will take a picture For you on the next comment.
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