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  1. So a couple days ago I got busted with a gram of lemon skunk by the cops (mind you that this is in south africa, and the cops are full of shit here, there's nothing they like more than to see a white guy like me thrown in prison) so anyway, I ended up being chucked in a holding cell and finaly convinced these pigs to call my mother and it took like 5 hours for them to finaly lemi go (without a record, thank god) so anyway I've had enough of this racist shit going on in this country and I'm gunna leave this fucking corrupt country, where do you guys suggest I go that is as stoner friendly as posseble?

    Ps:I'm an outdoor grower, so prefrebly somewere without harsh climate
  2. California, USA if you don't have a record
    I don't live there so correct me if I'm wrong but it's supposedly really easy to get a medical marijuana card there and everybody smokes so nobody will judge you or be a prick to you there just because you smoke
    Also I heard Washington and Colorado have legalized cannabis now? So they might be good ideas
    Also because they're all in america, they all speak English which you've been typing in so even if it's not your first language you seem fluent in it so that should make things easy
    Weed's also meant to be pretty cheap there so if you run dry on homegrown it won't cost you a fortune to restock
  3. Lots of white sarth efricans in australia :p

  4. Lol, yeah, english is my first language, thanx dude, I'll do some reserch nd look into it
  5. No worries bro

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