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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Edawg614, May 22, 2004.

  1. I have been looking through the boards to find the answer to this question but must be missing it or cant fint it.

    I have some plants started that I want to grow outside. I started these plants on the 2nd of this month and they have grown to be roughly between 3 to 4 inches from the soil now.

    My first question is when should I be able to put them in the ground.

    Second question: I really wanted to take then from the cups they are in to the ground but they look small to not an expert by any means but these plants look like they have not grown in a week.

    I do water them everday and Im starting to think this is bad...could someone confirm if this is bad or not.

    Ill try to put the pics I took in this thread so you can see what Im talkin about.

    If the pics look bad thats cause I used a cell phone.

    I really do appreciate any help guys. I know its probably written somewhere but I just cant seem to find what Im looking for so Im turning to you guys for advice.

    Thanks to all who may help.

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  4. they look over water, water seedlings every 3 or 4 days, or stick yo finger in the soil, and if dry go ahead and water. but if is wet, give it a day or 2 before watering aging....

    u can put them in the ground right know, but i would let the plants get bigger befor planteing them in the ground soil...

    what type of lights u useing?...
  5. yeah wait a couple of days between waterings. you only need to water when they soil is almost completely dry. also they look like the need more light, and make sure u get a fan on them soon to strengthen up the stem.
  6. Well right now Im using lights a friend gave me...I dont think there the right lights to use...I have two fixtures with two lights per fixture...the lights are fluros and two are regular and the other two are grow lux but there only 20W a bulb!

    Well it looks like I have been overwatering because I have watered everyday and sometimes a couple times a day...
  7. What kinda seeds are these?its hard to tell how these will turn out,but from my guessing from experience they lookin kinda helpless,like bagseed's growin.Marijuana is a weed,and weed's do like to dryout in the roots a bit,then you water them and they go crazy.A cycle of (beginning of dryin then water,then let em dry out ) proceed..Watering every day will make it soggy and you will need to fertalize a bit sooner than usual.Awww crap i g2g,i would like to finish,but cya around
  8. HIGH All, yes way too much water...but I guess you know that now since every post said so...putting them outside mmmmm do you know when the last frost is in your area? That's when we plant up here. Here hope this helps a bit.
  9. Actually I dont really know what kind of seeds they are but the stuff their from is WAY above average but not like Northern Lights quality.

    Thanks guys...the info youve given me will certainly help :)

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