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Plz Help Me Pick A Grinder!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cire215, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Hello fellow stoners, lend me ur ears...

    I'm in need of a new grinder. I'm planned on having a week of nonstop hotboxing soon, and i figured i would get a grinder to aid in the week.

    I've noticed the accumulation of kief in my futurola grinder and i want to have a catcher on my next grinder. I've narrowed it down to spacecase, sharpstone, and truebluntz.

    Now, visually, they all look and operate basically the same. From what i gather, spacecase is the jordan/bentley of grinders. Top of the line everything, and it shows in the price. Now i can get a sharpstone for like 10 bucks on ebay, and it supposedly works even better than the spacecases that they are making now. And truebluntz works the same as the other 2, but the storage unit looks like its placed in a different spot. Supposedly that works well too, and its cheaper than the sc, but the sharpstone still murders it pricewise.

    my questions to u all, has anyone had any experience with any of these grinders? what do u guys think of them? is the spacecase really really worth the money they ask for? is the sharpstone not going to be able to do the same job? tell me what u guys think of these grinders and possibly reccommend even better ones and/or sites where i can get these or the reccomnded ones for cheap.

    thanks for ur help in advice. toke up. i'm gonna go load up a gatorade waterfall and check back in. don't let me down...thnx.
  2. I've only used my sharpstone out of those 3.... but i will never buy anything else. It couldnt work more perfectly. It takes 2-4 turns to grind up 1.5-2 grams. It never sticks, it collects alot of kiff. I've used other cheaper grinders and they sucked..
  3. word my cousin has a sharpstone and it works like a charm, seriously just go with that its prob better or just as good as anything else.
  4. alright bet, bet...should i invest in a pollen press too, or no?
  5. get yourself a nice big 3 pc. space case.
  6. space case ftw!!!
  7. Space case, bomb grinder.

    Don't hotbox, it's just pointless.
  8. Space case dog. U wont regret it
  9. theyre like, 10 bucks on ebay...
  10. Spacecase
  11. got a sharpstone and pollen press
    nothin better
  12. Sharpstone FTW.
  13. Well, I dunno about those brands, but I have a $8 one from the smokeshop and i've seen a few in my day. I always tell people just make sure its metal on metal. We tore the pins out of a wooden one, and a plastc one we snapped. Metal ones with metal pyramid shaped teeth are always best.
  14. for a grinder with a ctacher, id also recommend space case.

    i started out with $30 dollar one which was working great for me for a while, i colelcted alot of kief from it, but then i noticed the grinds were getting worse and worse and finally like 5 teeth broke off. disappointed, i ended up buying a sharpstone at a nearby store for about $30 as well. this one seemd much better quality, and i wouldve been more happy with it if metal shavings didnt start coming off of it. it comes off from both the magnet AND the inside of the grinders surface, so this is something that is unacceptable to me.

    after spending 60$ on worthless grinders, i decided to quit the bullshit and buy space case. i found one on ebay for about $55, after shipping.

    hope that helps

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